what the hell should i do??


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hello digitians
came here after a long time back.
idk if post is about career advise or life advise? i don't know how to start but will do it anyway. so the thing is, i am in a situation which i can only describe as hell. there were some really horrible problems i faced last year. first of all my family is going through a financial crisis from, i think, the last 3 years. its very difficult for me to say this but it was all because of my father. he was in army and he when he retired he blew away all the pension money. and i don't even know where... he is currently unemployed
second, due to some family problems i was unable to attend my +12 classes for 4 months. i didn't had any tutions and ended up scoring 80% in boards. also i didn't appear for any kind of entrance exams.
fast forward to present and i am sitting in my home thinking what the hell should i do? i can't take admissions in college because there is this money problem that i have. i have an younger sister, she's in 12 now. and don't want her to face the problems i am facing.
i always wanted to work in the design sector and wanted to join NID for my higher studies. but how will i do it? how will i pay the annual fees when its higher than our bank balance.
i am from Assam and living here in Amritsar. my relatives live in villages and even they can't help me in my studies. their condition is even worse than ours.
so now i want to know what should i do? i am thinking of doing some kind of job that is enough to provide for my family's monthly costs. but who will give me, a "baarvhi pass", a job?
lets say i prepare for jee. but there are still many months left for it. i can't or rather don't want to join army because of my weight (i am a FAT guy). all these things take time and its very difficult for me to wait any longer.
so all you people out there, please shower your great advices on me......


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I really feel bad about what is happening with you...May be you can join in technical fields of Army as they provide training for class 12 pass outs...I am not sure,but one of my classmate got into AirForce after 12th and he was also little fat and of short height....

Being an ex-army personnel your father can easily get a job in schools as a teacher, that's what I have heard not very sure though...


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thanks for the reply kaz. yup heard about the technical entry. i will try for that, but i think i am late for that. but will still see for that exam.
and for my father, well he is not that educated to be teacher. he completed his school in a village.
so any other advise you would like to give?


you have the power of the internet :wink: learn from free courses available and then be a freelancer or approach a company

Useful online educational Resources/OCW/Courses


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Your father can apply for security related jobs. Army background will help.

You can pursue BCA and then there is this WASE program in Wipro which can help you. It's basically you will work for wipro and get degree from bits pilani and after 4 years you will be inducted in wipro with added 4 years exp. Sounds like a good deal to me.


Initially it will be very hard to cope from this challenge. You will face problems.
But if you will persist and try hard things will become mucb better as time will progress.
My suggestion would be to not get a regular employement so early.
It seems that you are good in studies , and with somehwat assistance you can do good.
If you like a particular field or work and really want to do something in it , then I would suggest you to take up some education loan or some aid and continue your studies.
Dont leave studies at this point of time. I understand that getting income right now will ease things for you but in a long term it may not be a wise decision.
Life is not easy my friend , at times you have to take firm decisions and make your own way.
What we may suggest might not be the best thing out there for you.

I am not giving you a particular guidance for any situatiom but just depicting the real picture about how tough life can be and there are people out there who come out of it by showing great courage and those are the people who make their life worth living.

Any damn person can shape his life if he has resources , but the real deal is when one does it on his own from scratch.

All the best , and listen to your heart. Remember its your life.


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complete your studies as you are good in them and it will help you land a good job in future...all the best!!! :)


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saiyangoku thanks for the link friend. will go through it.
hrishi thanks for those words. even i don't want to go for some kind of job so early. its a bit difficult for 18 yr old to outside and face the world. but i guess i have to be strong...
abhidev thanks and faun thanks for the reply and letting me know about the WASE thing. but i will not lie.
see guys my father is an alcoholic. after retirement he did try for those security jobs, but was not willing to do any kind of job. he almost lost his mind. this alcohol was the root of all these problems.

thanks guys for all your valuable replies.

Allu Azad

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This is a sad situation man!
Please try to find out whether any scholarships are available for you. I guess we guys at TDF are not that much rich to help you financially.

And by the way, try to help your father to break out of his alcoholism.


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army scholarships are available.. but only when the person is either dead or medically unfit. but problem is none of them apply here.
i tried but all was useless. tdf members may not help me financially but can help me in other ways, by giving me your advices.
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