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I am asking this question to know your view about the company. I am a student and currently i am pursuing B.com final year. I am also looking for a job so that i can bear my small expenses.

From couple of days i am getting calls from PlacementIndia regarding the job opportunity and they said me to register on their portal because they have so many job openings for freshers.

Have you all any idea about this company ? I search about this company on internet and there i have found the mixed reviews of this company. Some of them are very positive and some are negative. I am very confused. Please share your views.


Right off the assembly line
If you confused about their paid service then i suggest you don't buy it. Just register your free account on their portal and then measure the benefits of this job portal in finding job. I am sure that you will find right job for you through this portal.


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PlacementIndia , I have heard about this job portal from some of my friends but i don't know about their experiences. The one thing which i want to tell you that there are always a negative and positive feedback of every company because different users have different opinion. This is the main reason why there are always a mixed review of a job portal.

If you are not sure about their services then i don't suggest you to buy it until you are not convinced. So first go with their free services and measure the results.


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You can go with their resume writing services because i have availed their paid service around 2 months for giving extra exposure to my resume and career profile. The best thing about their resume writing service is that it highlights the main skills of your career and present your profile in such a way that it looks more professional than others.


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Why you need to buy a paid services ? As far as i know if your profile is full of your skills and professionally designed then it will capable enough to gain the attention of the recruiters. I am not saying that paid resume writing services are useless they are also helpful in increasing the exposure of resume.


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PlacementIndia is the good place for searching job opportunity and this is the main reason why it is been in the industry from last 15 years. I suggest you to keep your trust on them and i am sure that you will find a good job option for yourself.
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