1. Vyom

    Looking for an Inverter

    I live in a part of Delhi, which doesn't experience much power cuts. Even if there is a power cut, it's very short (so a UPS can handle important things like PC, router etc). (touch wood) But I am currently looking for an inverter for my relative who is currently living in a remote village...
  2. A

    Cheap UPS required

    Guys , I have antec vp650 Power supply, GTX 1080 , ryzen 1200, 16 gb ram, 24 inch monitor.. Assume nothing is overclocked. Also have a su kam cosmic inverter. In case of power outage, my pc reboots everytime.. I need to buy a UPS for just a singular purpose , i.e to keep my pc from rebooting...
  3. G

    Need 1.5 ton ac : Confused between inverter or non inverter?

    Hello, to all of you. How are you? I need three 1.5 TON Ac's, I am confused between Inverter or Non-Inverter, actually I visited the market they told me the difference between the Gas used in both the Ac's and they recommend me go for Inverter acs telling that the gas used in...
  4. ssb1551

    New Home Inverter with Battery

    Hi All, I just moved to a new apartment after wedding. There is no power back up (which I was told is there), so I intend to buy an inverter with battery. Things that will be connected to the inverter are : 1 ceiling fan, 1 led bulb, my PC (in signature i5-6500, GTX 1060 AMP, 550W PSU). I am...
  5. S

    Please suggest Inverter or UPS for Gaming PC

    Hi, I have gaming PC and I do most of my work in it. Not much gaming, but I mentioned it as a gaming PC because it draws a lot of power from the wall. I had a 600VA iBall UPS with my old normal PC, after the upgrade to this gaming PC, it didn't work. I am a web programmer, Sometimes I had to...
  6. ssb1551

    How many hours back if I buy the Inverter with Battery combo?

    Hi All, After almost 6 hours of power outtage earlier today I have had it with BESCOM. I found this Inverter and Battery combo at Amazon : Luminous Zelio 1100va + Exide 150AH Battery Great Premium Combo offer!! - Buy Luminous Zelio 1100va + Exide 150AH Battery Great Premium Combo offer...
  7. ssb1551

    Can an inverter be used to run a Desktop PC during extended hours of pwer cut?

    Checked on the net but couldn't quite understand much. During extended hours of power cut (eg. 2-3 hours), can an inverter be used to run a desktop PC? Does anyone have any experience on this matter? My friend plans to buy a pure sine wave inverter to run his new PC when the power outages will...
  8. S

    UPS or inverter for Gaming PC ?

    I have seasonic s12ii 430 SMPS, LED monitor, one ADSL modem. I am a web developer and sometimes a sudden blackout destroys hours of work!! I had iBall 600va UPS, it was my old PC's. After upgrading to a gaming PC, the iBall couldn't give backup for even a second. Should I buy a UPS ? or add...
  9. josin

    Help need to decide on a 2 ton Inverter A/c

    I am in need of a 2 ton ac for a ground floor room of 22 feetx10x10 with one window in kerala. I am thinking of Hitachi/Mitsubishi heavy industries inverter model. Max budget is 65K. please help to decide me on a model.
  10. C

    UPS for around 2k?

    So I'm going to assemble a PC soon,Which will take around 150watt under full load with LED monitor. I also have a microtek 800va inverter at home but it has no UPS or shine wave tech. I want to buy a UPS to avoid sudden shutdown and system will run off inverter thereafter. So I think...
  11. gohan89

    Need suggestions for 1.5 ton inverter AC

    I have a 250 sq. ft room on 1st Floor with large windows facing East and South. My budget is maximum 50k. I will be using during summers mainly 4-5 months max 10 hrs a day. I live in Kolkata. I want a 1.5 ton Inverter AC and am confused among the Daikin,Sharp,Hitachi,O General,Panasonic and...
  12. Chetan1991

    Looking for a 1kva UPS for 4-5k

    I am looking for a UPS with at least 1kva capacity. Something that can run my laptop (90w peak) for at least 6 hours. Is there a decent model available in 4-5k range? Will a UPS of such capacity be able to handle a desktop with 600w+ PSU for a ~10 minutes after a few years? Should I buy a UPS...
  13. D

    Inverter (Urgent)

    For PC (500W PSU + Dell ST2220L monitor + belkin N150) and 4 CFL around 30W, pure sine wave with UPS mode (cos not using PC UPS anymore) What is the required VA/W rating for Inverter, battery for backup minimum 2hrs
  14. D

    Is it safe to run my computer without UPS?

    temporarily till I get a new UPS or get Sine wave inverter With belkin surge protector and VGuard VG50 stabilizer
  15. sandynator

    AC for an small room[110 Sq feet]

    Since last 2-3 yrs till last week we were postponing installation of AC in my parents house as the building was going under re-development (which is delayed now) & there was hardly a space for installing an AC. The entire locality is going through re-development phase & there is lots of air &...
  16. avichandana20000

    2 ton A.C.

    My room is 298 Sq ft not directly exposed to the sun throughout the day but after 3 p.m it hugs sunlight. I am looking for a 2 Ton INVERTER A.C. I have shortlisted the following: LG BSA24IMA Inverter V Split AC (2 Ton, White) Daikin 1.8 Ton Inverter FTKV 60 NRV16 R-32 Split...
  17. P

    Inverter shifting to backup even when mains is ON

    Installed a new inverter today. Exide home UPS 1450 VA attached with 2 exide invamore T plate batteries (150AH each) (new) Sometimes the inverter is shifting to battery backup even when the mains power is still ON. Additional info :- Input voltage in the range of 175-210 V No...
  18. RishiGuru

    Is this new Sharp Inverter AC model available in India?

    Today I browsed the Sharp India website (Sharp India) and found it to be a complete mess. Even messier than it was some 2.5 years back when I bought their inverter ACs. Most of the data seems wrong and I am not certain they update the site for newer models and even the images shown against the...
  19. S

    Need to Buy AC : Inverter or Non Inverter?

    Hi, I am thinking of Buying AC . Everyone is telling me Inverter AC is best then non inverter in term of Efficiency and Monthly Bill. What you Guys suggest ? Inverter or Non inverter? Which Model should i buy? My Budget is 40K. I have checked Daikin Inverter Ac . Is it Good...
  20. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Inverter for Home

    Need some advise to buy good Inverter and battery and which type to choose... Req: 6 Tube lights 5 Fans 2 CFL's 5 Zero Bulbs
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