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Is it safe to run my computer without UPS?


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temporarily till I get a new UPS or get Sine wave inverter

With belkin surge protector and VGuard VG50 stabilizer


I have lost my good Motherboards/hdd failures only because of this.
Get some UPS first as it is under 2k only.

You may get online ups later because it costs 10 times more than ups.

Find some 2nd hand pc for temporary need.
2nd hand ups may not have good battery, check this first and then pay.
Battery life is approx 2-3years only.
Get new battery for your old UPS, if possible.

Stabilizer is normally sold for fridge /AC.
But you can use it for computer or any such electronic appliances which is under load capacity.
It is better to use an automatic stabilizer, like this,
if voltage is a problem at your location.


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Just installed today afternoon, cost 20.5k total, battery(24months) + Inverter(48 months) , will check backup when there is power cut

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It cost extra 2k for more wiring cos Refridgerator and Washing Machine were on lighting and not on AEH


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I didn't want to create a separate thread so i just wanted to ask you guys which is the best UPS for my PC within my budget of 2k?Thanks.


Alakh Niranjan
you can also get Cyber Power 600va UPS. i bought it on last monday for INR1750. it was a local purchase. online prices were little high.
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