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Need suggestions for 1.5 ton inverter AC


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I have a 250 sq. ft room on 1st Floor with large windows facing East and South. My budget is maximum 50k. I will be using during summers mainly 4-5 months max 10 hrs a day. I live in Kolkata.

I want a 1.5 ton Inverter AC and am confused among the Daikin,Sharp,Hitachi,O General,Panasonic and Mitshubishi Brands. I am finding that Daikin ACs have good acceptance everywhere. But some users are complaining as Daikin has moved manufacturing here in India and models now are inferior.Sharp after being acquired by Foxconn is also facing problems of ASS(After Sales Service) and now their indigenous models are not of the same quality as before.Hitachi and O General have mixed reviews.Panasonic is affordable, but am confused about their ASS and cooling performance and efficiency. I read that Mitsubishi have good inverter models and but skeptical about their ASS.

My requirements are very low consumption costs, low maintenance (full copper coiling is a must), good ASS in Kolkata and availability of spare parts and good cooling.

Please suggest along with personal experiences and also personal info about power bills getting reduced.
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