1. Nerevarine

    Programming Language course

    Me and My friends are interested in going for a Language course..Which one do you guys think would be the most viable option, since we are gonna go for Computer Engineering after all the Entrances are over.. My friend is interested in Python.. and I too am leaning towards it Thanks in advance
  2. Mainak23

    [Want to Buy] Cpu Cooler for around 3k

    As the tittle suggest i am looking for a used cpu cooler for my setup for around 3k [preferred if few months warranty left] i will be using it with Core i7 2600k & Gigabyte p67a ud7 motherboard... Any interested user willing to sell PM me your offer with details... Location:- West...
  3. F

    [Want to Buy] iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4

    I want to buy a Apple iPhone 3GS or an Apple iPhone 4. Interested seller PM me.
  4. Sarath

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical >5k

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical <5k I have been looking to upgrade from my Arctosa for sometime now. I have been reading up a lot about Mechanical keyboards and am interested in them. Absolutely not interested in upgrading to another membrane KB. Hence would like to know some of...
  5. ithehappy

    [Want to Buy] Sony Ericsson W580i

    I am interested if anyone wants to sell his/her SE W580i. With all the original accessories, set should have no problem internally (hardware wise) At a moderate price and inside Kolkata only. Kindly post here or PM me if you're interested to sell...
  6. M

    suggest a good configration for designing 2D and motions adds

    folks, i am to start a designing studio to design and make 2D and motion advertisements, i prefer a laptop, and that one with dual display. interested to hear best mobileman
  7. S

    Lumia 920 and 820 coming to India in the first week of Jan, 620 in the last week of jan

    Thats according to news at word on the pricing particularly interested about 620..price it anywhere around 15k and its a sure hit..
  8. S

    Need 2 Android phones [Budget:- 15k and 10k]

    Hello folks.. Seeking 2 good mobile phones for friends of mine. both are interested in Android based phones and primary requirements: 1) Phone will be reg used for Mail access. 2) Smooth internet browsing experience. 3) Apps should be lag free whenever used. Budget: 15k and 10k...
  9. L

    iPhone app

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4S and like it very much. I am even trying to develop an app for it but I only have a little knowledge of programming. That is why I looked for some help on the Internet and found a page there with hints about app development for iPhone or iPad. The page also had code...
  10. B

    [Want to Buy] Blackberry bold 4 9900

    Looking for bold 4. Preferably white , but black would do too. Should be scratch less with no known problems. Anyone interested can get in touch . Text / call on 09779900000 . thank you.
  11. Empirial

    Need Some BIS Gyaan

    Hi, I've a few queries regarding Blackberry Plans : a) Can we browse Web via Opera Browser without activating BIS? b) Do we need to activate BB Social Plan for accessing FB & Twitter via Opera Browser? c) Please name those stock Apps/Services that requires BIS to work. d) Is BB...
  12. J

    Need graphic card, budget 3.5k

    Hi, As per title i need budget graphic card for my system, my budget is very limited, My specs are, Intel G620 Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H Corsair 430 PSU Dell IN2030M (20 inch) I am not a frequent gamer, but i can play on monthly twice or thrice. I am interested in some racing games like...
  13. pramudit

    [CONTEST] Gaming competition at Lucknow

    Anybody interested in it? Me and my friends might go there...
  14. clmlbx

    how many guys interested in multimedia(art,animation,photoshop,video production)?

    Recently we have seen so many threads to build pc for 3D or for any multimedia app.. so just wanted to gather all of them here and see how many of them are active in forum.
  15. S

    mobile from hong kong/macau

    Hi folks, A relative of mine will be going to hongkong and macau soon. I have heard iPhone is the cheapest in the world in hongkong. Is it cheapest in apple stores or in local market ? Can anyone throw some light on this? if yes, then where and how cheap? Also, I would be more...
  16. S

    Go for VCD Release: Ducktales and Talespin (Hindi)

    The release of both the toons in VCD format isnt in tune with the times.. But still made many people happy. Total set price will def be of the tune of what could have easily fetched a better format release. Moreover splitting the discs just might give the people option to upgrade later on to...
  17. xynidexxx

    PC games 2010

    Hi guys, i intend to sell 1.FIFA 10 PC 2.HAWX 2 PC 3.ASSASSINS CREED:BROTHERHOOD PC 4.NEED FOR SPEED:HOT PURSUIT(2010) Below are some details: 1. Model number and details:Genuine PC GAMES(installed once/100% scratch less and totally re usable KEYS + i will send the buyer all game account...
  18. crazylamhe

    System Security Expert

    Hello everyone, I am currently doing B.Tech(2nd yr.) in IT. As IT has diverse fields to chose from, like Programming, Networking, Systems, Database, System Security, Animations etc., I am interested in the System Security module ! At the end of bachelors, I want to get recruited in a big IT...
  19. iinfi

    Wireline broadband in Bangalore

    hi all could someone please guide me on a good broadband ISP in jayanagar area in Bangalore. i called airtel over 2 weeks back with constant follow-ups, but they dont seem to be interested. i was interested in their 4Mbps plan. does reliance provide wire-line broadband in Bangalore? which...
  20. A

    Need location inDELHI where i can buy CREATIVE or SOUND MAGIC

    Hi guys, I lived in South Delhi. I am interested in buying In-Ear Ear phone from the brands like Creative or Soundmagic I ammainly interested in Creative EP-630 or Soundmagic PL series that is under 1K. I have some malls and store like Musicland or relience mart or even Imagine. But on find...
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