1. RCuber

    Game Engine - Which one is the most demanding?

    Doom 3 was regarded one of the best Game engine when it came out,AFAIK that was in 2004 . Then came Half Life 2 , and now Bio Shock, and we are still waiting for CrySis engine. I am not a heavy gamer but interested in the gaming technologies. And how about F.E.A.R and Serious Sam? I wanted to...
  2. S

    Thinkdigit's member photo

    hey guys are you dare anought to post your photo here?? forum is not interested in the link ...
  3. K

    ipod docks

    hi friends i want to know which ipod dock is the best .i am more interested in bose dock.please send ur opinions.please compare them and rate them. thank u.
  4. devil_me

    Need help to spark up my site.

    Hi friends, Been here for quiet some time. I have a technology related site I am trying to get it up somuch. But tired really in finding out how. I have an attached forum. If you people are interested to get active in my forum, I would be very happy. Any suggestions and advices...
  5. freshseasons

    Agp Xfx 6600 Gt

    I have a AGP XFX 6600GT a , year old card. The card works perfectly and runs Vista Aero . Please PM me personally if someone is interested. Thanks.
  6. Gigacore

    Not for the Mass, only for enthusiasts.

    Hi guys n gals. If you are an aviation enthusiast, pilot or a student pilot, there is a cool website waiting for you. I'm not going to mention the site, as it will be spamming. anyone intersted can PM me. AS I SAID BEFORE, THIS IS NO SPAM. only interested can PM me.
  7. L

    Urgent: NDTV scholar contest

    I'm participating in NDTV's scholar hunt... a reality show based on education that will soon hit the televisions. I've got through their exams, and now I have to speak for 1 min in front of the camera... here's what i have come up till now: "My name is Utkarsh Sinha My interests include...
  8. hailgautam

    17" Monitors

    I got a Compaq 17" Flat OEM Monitor and a LG 17" Flat monitor, both of them are a year old. Let me know if some one is interested. I am from Hyderabad.
  9. C

    2*1gb DDR transcend

    hi 2*1gb ddr 400mhz trancend memory modules for sale for Rs 2.5k each..just 3 months old ,still 3yrs warranty left.anybody interested from bangalore please pm me or mail me at Thanks CG
  10. M

    P4 for sale

    Anyone interested here is an old P4 for sale. The system is Esys build and is 22 months old. Config is as follows: P4 2.26Ghz 256 MB RAM 40GB HD Floppy Drive 4 USB slots in front CD/RW Onboard graphics/lan/sound (64MB VRAM) 15 INCH TFT System colour: Black/silver Price: 13,000 (negotiable) One...
  11. saurabh kakkar

    windows xp validation failed what will happen

    hi i have just tested my xp service pack 2 at microsoft site and validation shows that ita a pirated version. What will happen if i am not interested in buying the key? will my system stop working . what shuld i do ?
  12. prateek_san

    20 GB Samsung HDD..

    i have a 20 GB Samsung HDD...its in good working condition... any interested plz reply....... thanks..
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