1. R

    [For Sale] LGA775-Intel E7500 Core2Duo 2.93 GHz

    1. *Model number and details:Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7500 (3M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB ARK | Intel® Core 2. *Date of purchase: ~Feb 2010 3. Reason for sale:Replaced with New AMD CPU+MB 4. Warranty details:Nil 5. *Expected Price:4k-Pm Me if interested 6. *Location of...
  2. R

    which course good for me in networking field..

    Hii frind… I am in my MCA last year.... i was thinking going into networking field i am not interested coding.. .. So plzz help me which course good for me in networking field..
  3. lakeport

    I keep getting lots of text messages from random numbers all day..

    Telling me how their college is the best and has 200% guaranteed placements and why i should take admission in it. :rolleyes: Yesterday a girl called from some Naraina group of institutions. Asking me if i was interested in doing a B. Tech from their college. I said-"Well don't know about the...
  4. C

    [Want to Buy] Used ATI Radeon HD 7970

    I'm looking to buy a high end graphics card. Although my choice is a new HD 7950, but if someone is willing to sell an used HD 7970 at around ~23K I'd be interested. Shouldn't be more than a year old.
  5. nikufellow

    Anybody interested in a TDF group on WhatsApp?

    Well the title says it all, if anyone interested pm me their number OR create one and post here I'll pm you mine OR if something similar already exists consider adding me too OR if this post break any rules bare with me and do what needs to be done Edit : please vote in the poll, the group...
  6. avinandan012

    Age of Empires II(original not HD version) multiplayer?

    Anyone interested in playing AOEII multiplayer ??
  7. A

    After sales service for Huawei

    Has anyone experienced the after sales service that Huawei offers? How good and fast are they? Were there any problems? I am primarily interested in Delhi service centers.
  8. S

    Headset for Neo V

    Hi, Guyz can you tell me which headset would be compatible with my Neo v phone (interested in IN-THE-EAR) Budget would be Max 2.5k Thanks in advance just wanted to listen to the music not that interested in Mic , but one more thing i have seen most of the headset is not...
  9. S

    Headset for Neo V

    Hi, Guyz can you tell me which headset would be compatible with my Neo v phone (interested in IN-THE-EAR) Budget would be Max 2.5k Thanks in advance
  10. S

    Anyone from Delhi/NCR interested in doing Art Of Living Course?

    Is any one interested in doing any Art of Living Course? For youths(18-30),we specially have Yes+ Course by Art Of Living.. * Anyone interested can just reply here..
  11. r4gs

    Calling all devs..... Digit needs you!

    Hi, Anyone here with experience in web development and PHP, etc. who has some time and wants to help us out with a "secret" project? If you're interested, please PM me or Raaabo with details regarding your experience.
  12. D

    Which stream to choose?

    I have passed out Maharashtra Board S. S. C. Exams with 65.60 %. Maths is my weakest subject. I am interested in Computer Science but for that I have to take Science stream which is full of maths. Other option is that I take commerce stream and do BCA afterwards and then MCA. I know BCA value is...
  13. napster007

    Job Referral Thread

    Hey friends, I work at TCS Hyderabad as a Assistant system engineer. It has been above an year here for me. We keep getting internal mails about various job offers around the country were TCS has vacancies. So we basically can refer people for that position. After clearing the interview process...
  14. M

    interested to buy display detachable notebook-Reg

    experts, i am now running an advertising agency. so thought to buy a latest laptop. interested with hp envyx2 . it priced high, and only with an atom processor with 64gb hdd. in samsung, there is slate series, but that is tablet, still having core i5. do u have any option for me?? or any...
  15. KiLL

    Help about watch-phones..

    Yesterday while returning home i saw a man who was talking to a Wrist WATCH!!!o_O Then i asked him he told that it was a wrist phone watch...:O I was pretty much interested and it was a bit coool.. Please sugfest me some within 4-5k.. Chinese will do.. Also pls post link
  16. Lalit Kishore

    Anyone interested in winning an LG Optimus G?

    So while browsing through my FB timeline yesterday, I had game invitations from about 4 people in my profile, needless to say I ignored. But another one pops up and I decided that let's check and get this over with. The game turned out to be predictable but the real catch is that one can win an...
  17. paroh

    [Want to Buy] want Evercool-NB-MA1-Magic-Notebook-Cooling-Fan-

    Evercool NB-MA1 Magic Notebook Cooling Fan SKU: NB-MA1 I am interested in Evercool-NB-MA1-Magic-Notebook-Cooling-Fan- if any body have this PM me
  18. V

    [For Sale] cooler master hyper 212 evo

    date of purchase : march 2012 reason for sale : got new cooler warranty : expired expected price : 1500rs negotiable location : bangalore if you are interested in buying come to my house and collect the item. No mailing or anything. I am lazy.
  19. anirbandd

    Part time Photographer/Photoshopper job

    Hi all, I am a self taught photographer and photoshopper. My gears and my photos are in my siggy. i am mostly interested in landscapes/timelapse/travel photography, although i have done conceptual/portrait photography too. By photoshopping, i mean photo-correction, enhancement, etc...
  20. NitrousNavneet

    1 Month Old Pug dog

    hi , members I have a Vodafone pug puppy to be sold,, let me know if anyone of you is interested ..... BTW it worth Rs 15000 Only:-D:-D
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