1. G

    Need affordable and good mfd?

    Hello, to all of you. I am planning to buy a MFD, my budget is Rs.6000 to Rs.7000, I want some good brand, actually, my main need is Scanning, and I print very occasionaly, but when ever I print, I print more than 20-30 pages, also I hear that If you don't print or use your Inkjet printer for...
  2. S

    Reliable Multi functionality Printer with reasonable cartidge efficiency

    I thought printer shopping would be easy and straightforward. But this is harder than getting a mobile where there are endless choices!! I don't mind paying a bit higher for the printer. However, my primary concern is cartridge price and efficiency. Cartridge business looks like a mega scam...
  3. ico

    Pen Suggestion - Pilot V5 alternative

    I'm a Pilot V5 pen user. For those who don't know, this is Pilot v5 - Pilot V5 (Pack of 2) - The pen is expensive, costs Rs. 50 in pack of 3. Rs. 70 stand alone. But the ink is Rs. 10 and can refill upto 4 pens. Now the problem which I face these days is, the quality of their inks...
  4. G

    Pixma mp287 - am going to break this printer - help me

    I have this PIXMA MP287 Printer I dont know how to fix this problem The cartridges are installed Color and Black. Black is refilled, color cannot be refilled and is not working The Color ink light keeps blinking. Why cant it start printing if only black ink is full and refilled and the...
  5. a_medico

    Ink tank and wiireless printer queries

    Dear friends, I want to upgrade to Ink tank printer (currently HP deskjet). Requirement - Around 40 pages per day Scanner, copier needed considering wireless capability too Please suggest a good ink tank based printer. I am aware that Epson is selling few. I really dont need...
  6. A

    HP Ink advantage

    Anyone using HP ink advantage printer? Please confirm can the cartridges be refilled from your experience. I know they can be refilled but, they do not work every time and I have also heard that they last for 1-2 refills only. Cartridges that came with inkjet printers are HP 685. Newer models...
  7. Samarth 619

    Need an All-In-One (in Rs. 10,000) after a disastrous experience with Epson ME535.

    Guys, Let me start with background. I had an Epson ME 535 all in one printer which I sold because it was sucking ink like anything... I was aware of the printing costs. Typically, a Rs. 390 cartridge prints 230 pages. But the truth is not anywhere close to what Epson claims: Leave the...
  8. R

    Which Ink Do I use For Epson Stylus Printer?

    Hi again! I purchased an Epson Stylus Color 460 - 7 years ago. I searching Ink Cartridges for it. Its model numbers: Black Ink Cartridge: S020189 / S020108 Color: S020191 / S020089 On Epson website, I found that the substitute model Ink Cartridges: Black: T051 Color: T052 But I...
  9. R

    Please help me to choose a Printer under Rs. 4000

    Hi everyone! Please help me to choose a Printer under Rs. 4000. (it may be stretch to 5000.00) My requirements are: Low Cost Ink! (Original Ink must available easily.) Good Quality Printing (Mostly I print B/W. sometimes may be color cliparts.) Media Type: Papers and Cards. Printing...
  10. kARTechnology

    need help buying vfm printer

    my old hp printer, an aio (hp 4355 officejet) has started giving problems and hp service center says no warranty then no spares, and "sir, please try in another local shop which has second hand printer of sane model and replace parts- MAHAA ELECTRONICS (ALL OVER SOUTH...
  11. sam9953

    Black ink of printer not working?

    Guys, till a few days back my HP printer black ink 703 for my HP Inket F735 was functioning very well but just day before yesterday my black ink has gone kaput. Now when I try to photo copy using only black ink it gives me out a blank page, when I print out a word document of black ink the...
  12. cute.bandar

    Continuous ink supply system. Has anyone tried them?

    Continuous ink system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Basically its a method to have prints at the fraction of the cost of regular printing. Does anyone has any experience with these in india ? There seem to be some shops in in nehru place , that offer to set this up. Comments please.
  13. clmlbx

    printer under 5K

    wish to buy Printer under 5K, My top priority over here is easily available and cheap ink, and need with scanner. I wish to print Ebooks so need affordable ink rates.. don't know much about printer, have not used at all so suggest me good one. no brand preferred in particular but should be...
  14. kool

    (HP 4488) 818 cartidges: Refilling color & black ink.

    Guys, How to refill ink in these cartridges? Its expensive buying ink cartridges. yesterday bought 818L black for Rs.1000 :(, found these items on Guys, is it worth buying these kits or not? Want ur opinion. :oops::oops: RI06B HP CART MATE + FREE 100ML BLACK DESMAT REFILL INK | eBay...
  15. Sarath

    Review: HP B110a All-in-One Print/Scan/Copy Inkjet

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer - B110a PRICE: Rs.7600 (bought locally) Current price on 2.7.11 REVIEW: I had 5minutes to decide which printer to buy and couldn't read about it much before buying, so I wont be able to make any comparisons to other similarly priced and...
  16. lywyre

    Compatible Ink Cartridges for hp Photosmart c4280

    Hi, I've got an hp Photosmart c4280 color printer (PSC) that was purchased in Canada. Now, I can't find compatible Ink cartridges in India. Are the cartridges for c4288 compatible with c4280, or is there any other alternative? Please advice. Thank you. P.S: The actual cartridge models are hp...
  17. S

    Amazon Kindle Wi Fi

    Want to buy new/used Amazon Kindle Wifi Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology: Kindle Store Kolkata/Bangalore/Chennai sellers only. Thank you.
  18. lywyre

    Engadged reviews Notion Ink @ CES 2011

    ........We'll admit, we're pleasantly shocked at how much Notion Ink was able to do with its Adam tablet. While the Eden UI does seem confusing to us and the software isn't completely finished in our minds, it's an incredibly different take on Android for tablets, which is exactly what we've...
  19. V

    Notion Ink 'Adam'-Easter egg reveal release Date!

    For the past one week the tech worldis buzzing about forth coming Notion Ink Adam's release date..CEO Rohan is not giving any information out right..Rohan is very mysteriously teasing and joking in his blog, releasing some bit there and some pictures there .. Oh the time is ticking away.. but...
  20. M

    ink cartridge not recognised after refilling printer--canon there anyway to do away with this.original oem ink is costing me more than printer-rs 850 for black,1250 for colour cartridge.while mine printer costs rs 1700.
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