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Which Ink Do I use For Epson Stylus Printer?


Right off the assembly line
Hi again!

I purchased an Epson Stylus Color 460 - 7 years ago. I searching Ink Cartridges for it. Its model numbers:
Black Ink Cartridge: S020189 / S020108
Color: S020191 / S020089

On Epson website, I found that the substitute model Ink Cartridges:
Black: T051
Color: T052

But I could not buy all of them via shopping websites or physical stores! Epson branch officials told that "they are not available, you can not use your printer"!

Please understand my situation! This should not happen again to you, anyone and me!

There is any alternate? If you know the substitute Ink Cartridge numbers, or Refilling Inks, please advice me!

I will be more thankful if you help me out!
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