Need an All-In-One (in Rs. 10,000) after a disastrous experience with Epson ME535.

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Let me start with background. I had an Epson ME 535 all in one printer which I sold because it was sucking ink like anything... I was aware of the printing costs. Typically, a Rs. 390 cartridge prints 230 pages. But the truth is not anywhere close to what Epson claims:
Leave the printer for 4-6 days and the ink/ head will dry. Refreshing the printer will consume about 25% Black ink then and there. That's Rs. 100 gone just like that. Even then, randomly the ink decreases between usages.
Conclusion: I never got more than 40-50 pages per cartridge. I sold it off on Quicker.

Today, I need another printer-cum-scanner. My budget is around Rs. 10,000 (negotiable). My needs are:

1. Cost efficient in reality, not in company claims.... I know how laser printers are cheaper, but I need color printing too, which is not available in lasers in this range.
2. Ink Tank system (definitely).
3. Color Scanner of atleast 1200 dpi.
4. Border less printing.

Epson L200 was a good one, but now its replaced by L210. But, Epson removed Borderless printing and scanning resolution is low at some 600 dpi. In other words, Epson doesn't want us to work with photos at all with their multifunction printers. Not that technology isn't available. But they want to leave something out so that people probably upgrade, or something. Clever idiots for sure, because I didn't get this product so far.

I haven't seen Canon or HP printers with ink tank systems. Just didn't quite check it...

So, can you guys suggest me a good Inkjet from any good brand with Ink Tank system for really cheap B&W, Color & Photo printing? Without headache, hassles and hidden costs that is....
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