How safe I am?

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I am using AVG 7 free edition. Recently, when I scanned my computer for viruses, it showed no sign of a virus but the very next day it popped up a virus named...Win32/Parite. I moved the infected files to virus vault coz the files could not be healed by the AV. Then I brought parite removal tool from the net which itself was infected with the virus. I had to reformat the system to get out of the mess.

How can I be sure of the fact that I m protected with the antivirus I use?I frequently download files from the net.


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Keep your antivirus software updated, that's all there is to it. If your antivirus has an automatic update feature, enable it, in that case, every time you connect to the Net, it will check for any available updates and download and apply them.


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well.. try gettin NV 2003 or sumthin like that.. Nortan is one of the BEST m8.. and as far as ur downloads.. u gotta b careful as to wher u download the stuff frm..


and run a Virus check on the file u download.. :D


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HEy dont go for Norton bala got to experience it a lil more i say ....

try kaspersky...

and if possible try to stay away from all aunty viruses and wares sites

u hardly find any virus then.


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AVG is a gr8 free option...possibly better than Norton too...if u wanna try other free scanners, then try is pretty good too...
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