How to do a Low Level Hard Drive Format

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I had earlier posted a topic related to my Samsung CD-RW drive gone crazy n had been suggested to run a virus scan and so I did.

Win32-Parite Virus was detected by Avast antivirus and I deleted all infected files as they couldn't be repaired. But, it didn't help as it infected again. This time(in fact 3 to 4 times now) I used the Avast virus remover tool to repair all the files. None of this really helps as the virus never says goodbye, it keeps coming after some time.
Is there a way to effectively remove it.

Also I heard a low level format can remove the virus and bring my hard drive to the condition when it was new. If this is true then how do I do it. I even wanted to do the format as I want to change my partition scheme. Is there any tool(freeware/shareware) available for this.

Please tell me a way to get rid of this virus and to format my hard drive(an 80GB Seagate Barracuda).


First, if you are using WinXP, disable system restore and remove all System Restore points... Then, for all Windows OSes, restart in safe mode and run the removal tool. If possible, try to download an extra tool such as from and run an extra scan to be on the safer side... Now, restart the computer and hopefully, the virus would be fully gone... Be sure to create a System Restore Point once you are sure the virus is gone...

Regarding formatting, you dont need to format to revise your partitions... Do remember though that it is always advisable to backup your data before trying these things... The most popular Partition handling software is Partition Magic which is paid (in demo version, you cannot apply any changes). I am sure that in this software you can resize partitions without formatting... There are also very good freeware alternatives such as Ranish (which I havent used but have heard very good things about) that do a great job and also should be able to resize partitions without formatting...



I have a utility for low level formatting. Actually, it only removes all the partitions. So the data becomes inaccessible. You will have to then partition and format the drives. It is DOS based.

It is small enough to be emailed. Let me know in a PM if you want it.


u dun need to low level format just to get rid of the virus
even a normal format would do

anyways try using mcafee's stinger utility or search for a removal tool for the virus
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