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It was painful to see my new Panda antivirus announced that it had found more than 500 infected files. Panda antivirus itself was one of it. It showed that the virus was W32/Parite.B and it had infected all my exe files :( :( :( . Panda began to delete all the infected files, as it said the virus was not removable, in the process it deleted itself. My coputer became useless. Thre was no working software and my OS was also malfunctioning as there wasn't a single exe file left in it. I took backup of the imporatant three years worth internet documents through a Linux Live Cd (Knoppix) and transferred it to a cd. All the files were in .htm format so I was sure no virus was embedded in it.Then I installed Windows 2000 and upgraded it to Windows XP Pro. I still got some problems.
( i ) My AVG Antivirus (Freeware) detects a virus every time I scan. It say it 'healed' the virus but next time, it detects a virus again.
( ii ) My printer (HP 640c) is not working in XP. I downloaded the driver from the HP site for Windows XP. Yet it is not working
Any Solutions???


Try running a full scan of AVG in safe mode, as AVG's real time protection, while able in detecting viri, doesn't remove them as efficiently.


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m8 once my sys had 45k infected files. So no other go just booted from floppy and format ;) :D
all said and done :)
..:: peace ::..


AAAAHHH!!!!.....500 INFECTED FILES??? u r a goner dude!!!
format is the best u can do now!! Or like GNUrag said...install linux and start ur very own virus collection!!!
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