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  1. R

    updating froyo to ics

    i want to update my samsumg galaxy fit from froyo to ics.. how to do this? will there be any problem?? will the device function completely??
  2. furious_gamer

    Pantech Burst P9070 - Quick Review

    Been using Pantech Burst for past few days, after i sold my dead-old Galaxy SL. The mobile which i got from seller has some issues with display so got it replaced and new one comes with ICS whereas first one comes with GB. So i get to get hands on on these two versions. First of all, since...
  3. F

    should i upgrade xperia u to ICS or not?

    hello world , i've just bought a new xperia u just a few days back. im tempted by the features in ICS and they also said that ICS improved camera performance. But the scary thing is i've seen reports on the net that ics upgrade in xperia u makes the phone laggy and brings in a lot of bugs.is...
  4. ©mß

    Can I upgrade Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich?

    I am using Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with Android version 2.3.6 I want to know if I can upgrade it to ICS.
  5. IronCruz

    Sony Tipo ST21i went weird

    Hello Guys. Today i wanted to install Walkman Player for my tipo. My friend sent me some APKs via Bluetooth. I installed CWM to my Tipo and installed those APKs using CWM. But when i rebooted the device, the ICS was changed. I tried to Factory reset but it didnt work. I had done backup using...
  6. J

    Android phone under 19k

    1. Budget? 19 max (can't go beyond that) 2. Display type and size? 4.0" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? HTC,Samsung,Sony 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify...
  7. NoasArcAngel

    Post your AnTuTu Benchmark results.

    Let the benchmark do all the talking :) no overlocking, stock ics kernel + infinity rom v2
  8. L

    Android Within 10k

    My phone (Samsung Star 2) was stolen yesterday, so I've got to get a new phone. I've used android before (Mmx a60 - while it worked) and loved it, so I want a Android within a budget around 10k. 1. Budget - 10k. 2. Display type and size? 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar. 4. Preferred...
  9. Empirial

    Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich?

    Hello, Sony Xperia Ion was launched with Android 2.3 & later Sony rolled out ICS Update for the same. Suppose if I buy an Import Piece of Ion from ebay with Android 2.3 (Non AT&T Variant) then will I be able to update it to ICS in India via Sony PC Companion Software? I'm confused b'coz Sony...
  10. A

    Dual-sim ICS android mobile around 10k

    Hi guys, I want a dual-sim ICS android mobile below 10k. I am considering Karbonn a18, a21 and Sony Tipo Dual. If Karbonn's performance is true to the specs then I don't mind buying karbonn. Even then, I need to know whether to go for a18 or a21.
  11. Shibaprasad

    Need a good ics mobile

    I am planning to buy a good android ics phone before mid November. The phone must have 1. Good camera with flash and HD video recording 2. Front facing camera 3. Good music quality 4. Expendable memory budget around 20k
  12. R

    exporting contacts from S40 to Android 2.3, 4 (ICS)

    Guyz i m using Nokia 5130 xpress music from last 4 yrs .. and now today m going to buy a new android phone either 2.3(GB) or 4.0.4 (ICS) .. so definately i want to import contacts to my new phone basically huge amount of contacts to my new phone and i don't have a clue that how do i do this ...
  13. R

    Should i format my galaxy s with android 2.3?

    I got an sgs and i wanted to kno if upgrading to 2.3 is a good idea or not.. Just read about how the ics update for the s2 turned out pretty bad so wanted to make sure it isn't the same with the sgs. Thanks in advance.:-o
  14. P

    Android Tablet within 15k with GPS and bluetooth

    Dear all, I am looking for a cheap good tablet to hang on my hall so that I could use it whenever needed for many day-to-day activities (before tablets, I was thinking of small PC for this but that required kb, mouse, mounting system for them, etc and not cool). The idea is to...
  15. maverick786us

    Problm while upgrading ICS

    My Samsung Kies cannot upgrade my wife's galaxy S2 to ICS as it shows "Your current device does not support upgrading via kies". This is crap. My mom's galaxy S2 was purchased from UK and I successfully upgraded her's to ICS but this indian edition has wiered firmware
  16. comp@ddict

    Install Android 4.0.4 ICS on your Xperia GO, Xperia U and Sola

    Android 4.0.4 ICS on your Xperia GO, Xperia U and Xperia Sola now. Sony has finally released the Android 4.0.4 ICS update for the remaining 2012 Xperia lineup, which includes the Xperia GO, Xperia U and the Xperia Sola (all very popular phones, especially the latter two). This long awaited...
  17. D

    Chrome on tablet - allwinner

    Chrome in play store shows up as incompatible device even though my NXG tab is ICS 4.0.3. Anybody able to install cheom on their all winner tablets.
  18. H

    Suggest Good ICS phone under 11-13k..

    I'm looking to buy a Latest Android ICS OS phone. My requirement is 1 ghz processor,good build quality,Good audio,Great Camera quality,battery backup.I picked some phones... Micromax A90,A100 Karbonn A18 Sony ericsson Xperia mini (upgradable to ICS.Bcoz of sony's great cam quality)...
  19. cacklebolt

    Check this out!!!

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and S Advance to skip ICS, get JB - GSMArena.com news
  20. N

    Update Spice MI - 355 Android to ICS

    Hi fellas, I just bought a new Spice MI 355 Stellar Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) phone. I read on various websites that it is upgradable to ICS. 1. Can someone please send me the step-by-step process to upgrade to ICS? 2. What are the uses to "root the phone" ? 3. Any ROM which needs to be...
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