LG G3 vs Xperia Z3 vs HTC One E9+


Mobile under 30k

Budget : 30k (32k max)
Display: Not more than 5.5 inch
Dual Sim : Not Necessary
Operating System: Android
Primary use of hansdet: FB,Whatsapp,Camera,Gaming,Media
Specific mobiles in consideration : HTC One E9+ , Xperia Z3 , LG G3, One plus Two (ready to wait until its launch)
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Thank you all for your valuable replies..

Currently these things are confusing me...

1.LG G3- Already one year old...So it's a doubt that it will be able to survive next 2-3 years..

2.Xperia Z3- Same reason as G3. And I am already using a Xperia SP.Got bored with Xperia's design.

3.HTC One E9+ - My favourite phone within my considerations. But GSMArena review says that Graphics performance is very poor. And GSMArena user's comments are very poor for this phone.

4.OnePlus Two- Ready to wait until it's launch. But really worried about Snapdragon 810's heating issue. Company says heating issues has been solved.But it's not actually solved. They are just hiding the issue by underclocking the processor. They have not actually fixed it.
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