1. Mohak

    Computer gets very hot

    Hi folks. My laptop gets very very hot and quickly. Whenever i play a game it gets heated and after some time the screen gets jumbled up. What should i do? I can't figure out how to clean the fan. My Laptop is a hp nx5000. plz if anybody could help me...
  2. U

    Problematic RAM! Help!

    Hi friends I am using a VIA chipset motherboard with 2X 128MB SD RAM 133 Mhz RAM. From 2 days one of the RAM stick is not getting detected. I swapped their positions but no luck. I checked after some time keeping both modules inside and shut down the PC and discovered that both the sticks had...
  3. DigitalDude

    The Dell XPS One

    Engadget reports about the Latest from Dell. [Source: This and This] It sure looks HOT... finally a true competitor for the iMac in terms of design.
  4. S

    Cooler Master help

    guyz i want to buy a new cooler master.which one should i opt for and hot to install it in ur PC? please guyz help.
  5. O

    Hot - Must Have Sony Ericsson Themes

    Go Here:mad:
  6. A

    Mine Laptop is getting Very hot .

    Mine Laptop is getting Very hot . Even when i just turn on the laptop for few mins 10-15 mins and without doing any work it starts getting little hot. But when i do video encoding or when i use to play videos it is getting hotter. I purchased it on Mar 2006 - So approx it is 1 and 1/2...
  7. nishantv2003

    My XFX 8400 GS getting hot

    guys i just got XFX 8400 GS which is running on e6750 and xfx 650i ultra mobo, and it is getting very hot even if im not overclocking my cpu or gpu... pls tell me, am i missing something???? thanx
  8. iMav

    Are ur noodles too hot ...

    The ramen fan is probably as old as some of you readers out there, but we'll call it the 10th anniversary of this thing and give it a go anyway. I enjoy a nice hot cup of cup ramen every morning (not the best ramen, but I'm lazy), so having a fan cool down my noodles is a fantastic idea. Would I...
  9. S

    HOT charbusting ringtone

    Amaze your friends with the your HOT charbusting ringtone visit
  10. B

    how can i download hot coffee for gta ?

    hi how can i download hot coffee patch for gta sa ? please give me a link for download ! if you have a readme or guide please put it here thanks
  11. Dark Star

    Urgent ! CF stopped working!

    I have Amarnath repo.. I was reading some thread :oand inspired by them I switched on Desktop effects now all my CF effect are gone :confused: Plz tell me what to do now :( Its urgent! :rolleyes: I heard that Travina is more stable :) can some 1 tell me hot to remove current Cf completely :)
  12. abhishek.bandodkar

    How to uninstall hot coffee patch from GTA San Andreas?

    I had installed hot coffeee patch but now I want to remove it without affecting the game files or the game.Please help
  13. ajaybc

    Download GTA San Andreas Hot coffee mod

    Download GTA San Andreas hot coffee mod from: *
  14. Z

    POST passed, no video

    About a week ago my computer shut down unexpectedly. When I tried to power it up again the power supply would start up the fans for a moment but shortly after it would shut down again. I trouble shot that problem and eventually decided to replace a bulging cap on my motherboard and that brings...
  15. Anindya

    Hot mobo!

    Very recently i have upgraded my system. The probem is the mobo is getting very hot. I am using PC PROBE II to tell u all this. After booting or when doing not so proccy intensive work the temp. of the proccy and mobo is around 35-37C(CPU) and 42-44C(mobo). But when i am playing games the temp...
  16. Z

    can anybody help me in gta sa on ps2

    hi i got this game from my cousin can anyone tell me does it have hot coffee mode and how to unlock it ?thanks .
  17. Third Eye

    Keyboard LaunchPad 1.6 released

    Its home page is *
  18. iMav

    Hot Techs for 2007

    High-capacity disk drives Various experts periodically predict that magnetic disk is approaching its capacity limit, as the magnetic dots can't get smaller or be packed closer together. Yet engineers always find a new way to stuff more data onto a disk. Virtualization Two years ago, we...
  19. M

    DDR RAM getting very very hot..

    2 sticks of ddr ram, one 256mb 333mhz and one 512 mb 400mhz ... all was running well.. yesterday i realized that ther rams were extremely hot.. cant touch it for 5 secs.. plz help.. what is the reason for it....
  20. M

    Computer Murder

    This topic aims towards my quest which recently came to my mind.It may be an old thing or a new way to create excitement for those who enjoy destruction. Here I mean about how to quicken the process of wearing or disintegration of processor. Processor is probably the most active part of our...
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