1. S

    Why in India AC tonnage requirement is 3 times that of a USA desert?

    While looking to buy a new AC I searched for many online tonnage calculators. Views: Indian salesmen: With ceiling at 9-10 feet, if you carpet area is 100sqft-->1 ton, 150sqft-->1.5 ton, 200 sqft-->2 ton. To be on safer side by the higher one. Indian tonnage calculator: It mainly...
  2. I

    I think all my appliances are getting too hot :S Help!

    Hi all! I'm based in Delhi and for the past few months it seems that all the major electrical appliances in my house seem to be getting too hot. I just touched the side of my old samsung fridge and it was really hot. There were some areas where I couldn't even touch it for more than 5...
  3. O

    Please suggest CPU Cooler

    Dear All, Please suggest me a decent CPU cooler (budget friendly say within 2.5k if possible) for the below PC config- AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHz ASUS - M5A97 EVO R2.0 Corsair TX650V2UK SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 OC with Boost VAPOR-X G.Skill ripjaws 1600 MHz 8 GB NZXT Guardian 921 RB USB 3.0 Cabinet...
  4. .jRay.

    Cooling Pad for Laptop

    I have a Lenovo Z580 and when i game on it it gets pretty hot because of the metal body and i'm looking forward to buy a new laptop cooling pad.. I have a budget of around 1.6K-1.7K and the areas that get particularly hot are these I'm considering this one Deepcool Multi Core...
  5. krishnendu

    [URGENT] Need a cabinet under 3K in Kolkata

    There are so many similar topics asking for cabinet with the same price range but I started this topic because... 1. No dust accumulation 2. Cooling These two things what I seek. Cabinet's look doesn't matter much to me. There are so much dust around my place and also its very hot out...
  6. N

    AC required (max 2-3 hours usage daily during hot season)

    Hello, I've gone through the forum and have read other posts as well, but couldn't find anything suitable, hence the new post. I figured out that I will require 1 ton split AC for usage of 2-3 hours max when hot (summer season), not very fond of getting used to AC, i doubt on using it in...
  7. Revolution

    Hot Swappable Dual SIM

    Hello, I'm need a low cost hot swappable dual SIM mobile. Mobile will be use in rough condition so should be durable and reliable. Nothing fancy needed. Mobile will be uses mainly for calling and few SMS may be. So,battery should be good. Price should be as low as possible. 1.5K may be...
  8. bestpain

    is this temperature ok

    today my laptop temperature is very high .....kryboard is very hot.....using a cheap laptop cooler also
  9. ratul

    Temperature control in BackTrack 5

    i recently installed BT5R3 in my external HDD, and now boots from it in my laptop, everything was running fine, until yesterday when i installed VMWare Player in Backtrack and ran Windows XP in it for about 15mins, after that when i rebooted the machine, i noticed that the laptop's base was hot...
  10. clickclick

    Need help with my acer overheating issue

    Model- Acer Aspire 5738G Purchase- Feb 2010 Battery replaced- March 2012 Warranty- out of warranty The laptop overheats and the average CPU temperature is 78 degrees Celsius and average motherboard temperature is 72 degrees celsius, hdd is between 45-55. Since last week i have been using it...
  11. R

    accessing internet through mobile

    is it going to affect the mobile in any way if internet is being accessed through mobile to the pc, imean in long term. also i find that the mobile gets very hot when used for a long time. i am using nokia 2700 and the data cable.
  12. B

    Need help HTC ONE V gets really hot...

    Hi... i dont knw what to do. i have a HTC ONE V phone that i bought last june. Today evening an sms came to my phone. When i press the button on the top to unlock the phone, it didnt work.. i tried many times.. but no use. i tried to charge the phone, but i am pretty sure it had atleast 65%...
  13. comp@ddict

    Windows Phone 8 Unveiled: Hot New Features

    Shared Core, Dual Cores, HD screen among the works. Complete preview here: Windows Phone 8 Unveiled: Hot New Features | Gadgetronica Head over and give it a read. I think WP8 is promising! What about you?
  14. techno

    Laptop cooler for 1k&14inch laptop....

    I Have a HP Probook 14inch8-) Laptop...Its Becoming very hot around 60 c just within 30 minitues after turning on no gaming nor movie playing or too many apps are running at the same time but it becomes hot i am worried it can damage my hardwares plz suggest the BEST LAPTOP COOLER:cry: with in...
  15. rider

    Top Load Automatic Washing Machine

    Need a Fully Automatic Washing Machine I need a washing machine for 3-4 adults in the family. The budget is almost 18k bucks, and the machine should have hot water facility. Which one is better IFB AW 7233 or Whirlpool 1-2-3 650HP?
  16. reniarahim1

    Cheapest Phone with Wifi HotSpot

    Hi All, I am looking for the cheapest phone with Wifi Hot Spot which i will be mainly using as Wifi Router only :-D Wifi Hot Spot is the only requirement..... TIA
  17. axes2t2

    Topless pic of Emma Watson :O

    Now that is hot.
  18. T

    Signs of Hot trouble?

    Here is my HW Monitor Screen Shot. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting This is not looking good. EVO is ordered but I dont know why GFX is so Hot. These are IDLE temperatures. :evil:
  19. P

    Need help with AMD Processor

    Hi Guys, Just want to know whether any one has bought AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor. If yes , does it get too hot or runs in normal temperature. Thanks&Regards, Sekhar Prudhivi
  20. panacea_amc

    Need for speed hot pursuit error in

    hello, I installed need for speed hot purrsuit 1.0.6 (apk) and also the data file ..but after installing, i ran the game- it gives a '' not authorised on ur android'' error.. What is this error? How to overcome it? Thanks. i m running Gingerbread android in my Hcl Me 1x..aka Coby Kyros miid...
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