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  1. harishgayatri

    Price of The Orange Box

    Does anyone know the price of The Orange Box which inc HL:2, HL2 EP 1 and 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal Please post recent prices. I would like to purchase them
  2. sreenisatish

    Portal and HL2 query

    OK... 2 questions. Is it necessary that I play HL1 to enjoy HL2? Is it necessary that I play HL1/2 to play Portal?
  3. A

    Getting the basics right

    hii guys & gals I m new at digit forum...I wanna upgrade my comp... So please suggest me good intel pro(C2D) & motherboard with integrated graphics solution under Rs.8000.. I intent to play games such as Quake 4, Farcry, Crysis, HL2, Halo series,etc...I definetly cann't afford a good...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    Please suggest some good games for me

    HI to all the gamerz on this forum , recently i do not have any good games for me to play , so can you please suggest me any . I have completed games like hl2 , hl2 ep2, gear of war , call of duty 4 , crysis ,fear , perseus mandate(half i got bored ) , bioshock ( only played a little as i...
  5. chicha

    how is this system config...

    i am buying this pc by the end of dec AMD 64 X2 Athlon 6000+ Asus M2A-VM 1*2 GB Trancend 633\800? Asus EN8600GT 256 MB.. now is this pc good enough to play all the post HL2 games? at settings not more than 1024*768. and if i add 1 or 2 GB RAM will it cause bottleneck? thank you
  6. neerajkumar_4

    WTH!!!!! Digit gives hl2 ep2 5/10!!

    check the GS review - http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflife2episode2ob/review.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=gssummary&tag=summary;review its a OB review but read the Hl ep 2 part!!! Digit gives hl2 ep2 5/10!! WTH is wrong with them!! it seems the reviewer wants a longer game...
  7. dOm1naTOr

    HL2 Episode 2 Demo is out..

    Yes, Freeman is back with his crowbar in HL2 Episode 2. Get the demo....c2d owners http://www.steampowered.com/intel/ U need a steam account to dl it.
  8. aditya16

    urgent help in HL2

    guys ihave just installed half life 2 but not knowing wat 2 do in first stage.... after the autosave tooks place in HL2 there r few people standing in line 4 something... when i stand in front of machine nothing happens....(i dont know wether its important 4 us 2 satnd there) is there...
  9. soumya

    What is the best weapon that you have used in a game, you want in real life?

    For me it's the gravity gun, from HL2.
  10. M

    aLL THE fun taken out of HL2

    hi, i recent ly installed HL2 on my laptop (compaq nx6130) which has 256mb ram (think it's DDR2) , and Ati X300 card. i thought i can play hl2 @ 800x600 @ med details without anti aliasing, but the game's running really badly. i'll ' giv u a sample.. "rise and shine, mister mister...
  11. M

    HL2 saved game where?????

    HL2 saved game where????? c:/ ???
  12. D

    HL2 ending

    How does HL2 end? Please provide me your honourable information or redirect me if this question is repeated.
  13. C

    HL2 CS??

    Hi I have hl2 installed which also installed a folder caled cstrike. But i dont find any launcher or app to run it. How do i get 2 play it?
  14. R

    Good graphics card for the masses.Here is the answer!

    Did anybody saw this review at THG? http://graphics.tomshardware.com/graphic/20051109/index.html Serious performance at affordable price (less than 100$, may be 8000 INR here). If somebody can bring it from US, u get 50 plus frames per second in DOOM3 and HL2 at 1024x768 @ less than 4500 Rs
  15. F

    HL2 Lost Coast Screenies.............

    HL2 Lost coast screenies for you guys to enjoy :D Everything maxed. 4X TSAA, 8XAF. High Quality on 7800GT
  16. H

    problem regarding display in hl2

    hi all, this is a problem regarding a display of fps, in, out etc., in he bottom right corner in hl2, in all screens. so, how do i remove it?[/img]
  17. K

    weird hl2 screenshot.....

    check out this screenshot from hl2 taken from the sierra website....i've finished the whole game 3 times but have not seen this......what seems to be the problem......have you guys seen this in the game????? visit the site and see the second screenshot...
  18. D

    I'm dying in here...

    Living in the capital has its advantages and dis-adv. Pros could be pretty girls, cheap games, friends. The cons are the lack of gaming parlours and game-renting shops. I've been around south delhi including south ex., and saket, but no gaming parlours exist. I wanted to rent HL2, but could'nt...
  19. D

    Adding cheats in the Half Life 2 Demo

    How does one add cheats in HL2 demo. The consloe does not work i suppose.
  20. mohit

    what are patches , mods , consoles , walkthroughs etc ??

    hey guyz can somebody explain the basics of game files to me . every game after it releases has many patches,mods,consoles,walkthroughs etc etc . can somebody explain in detail what are these files meant for and their uses . i play a lot of games but never installed any of these files for any...
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