play for high school drama.


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Suggest a humorous play for high school. Time limit: 20 mins. One act plays preferred.
Does anyone know any big bang theory episode worthy of using as a high school drama.


do a How i met you mother episode..
or if in TBBT, do the episode when amy got the tiara.. :D


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from the big bang theory you can do the one from season 2 where penny and sheldon exchange christmas gifts, penny gifts him a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy, in return sheldon gives her all the gift baskets and a hug (best moment in the entire series)


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[MENTION=148045]anirbandd[/MENTION] and [MENTION=122731]ratul[/MENTION] mention the episodes.


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lemme go home. i'll check in my folders and let you know.

PS: you got anyone for the role of Brian? ;)
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