Laptop CPU Temp going too high while running Dota 2


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I have a brand new hp elitebook 850 g2 laptop with core i7-5600U processor. I have installed dota 2 and the FPS is really good on high settings but the CPU temperature is instantly jumping to 90°C+ when I run the game. Is this normal or is there some issue with the laptop? Do I have to use a cooling pad when playing games on this laptop?


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Post a screenshot with your temps. The vents may very well be clogged with dust. Dota 2 isn't a very intensive game(although sometime it does get intensive on the GFX esp during teamfights)

My suggestion would be first to clear the vents of the laptop(you can do it yourself or get it done at a service center). That should do the trick.


This sounds fishy. Make sure while u are playing the vents are not blocked and check whether u are using the dedicated GPU or no. Temps should go to about 80°C or so.


Try changing the thermal paste to Noctua NT-H1 or IC Diamond if you can get it. Also, don't stress the laptop by gaming without dGPU. Elitebooks aren't built for gaming.


Every ultrabook gets hot while playing games. The i7 that you are using is i7 or ULV processors. Its not meant for high end gaming. And BTW.. Dote 2 is quite taxing on the CPU.. more that what a i7-5600U should be used for.
Even high end ultra books with 970m sli inside gets more than 100C during the simplest of games. Ultrabook cooling is terrible.
If you do want to play Dota 2 regularly, get a high quality cooling pad from Targus or CM and then play as much as you want.
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