1. S

    Both sides from LG 55UF850T randomly dims

    I am using Lg55UF850T. Randomly whenever I am some movie or playing some games (PS3) THE FOLLOWING THING HAPPENS. Picture attached. Flickr - Photo Sharing TO explain further....The complete black does not appear suddenly.It starts from the left and right edges and slowly occupies the...
  2. Hrishi

    New Monitor and Keyboard Recommendation

    Hi Folks , I am in the process of gradually upgrading the components I used for portable gaming , since I have now switched to a desktop which is capable of gaming. The rig is fair enough to handle most modern games at 900-1080p ( Most of them at ultra , and some of the demanding ones at...
  3. T

    Help! need a hdmi to vga converter

    Hello friend's. One of my friend recently brought a lenovo dual core cpu from a local store and he want's to connect it to his 40" hdtv which lacks vga as his lenovo cpu doesn't had a hdmi port.. Please suggest a conector
  4. Harsh23

    42 Inch LED FHD TV Under 50k

    I want to buy an FHD TV 40-42'' under 50k,willing to extend the budget upto 54k if necessary...:razz: I will be buying from the local Shop.I would like to do 1080p Gaming and Watching Movies and Stuff on the Tv.2x HDMI is a Priority ... I like brands like Sony,LG,Sammy and Panasonic ... Help me...
  5. L

    stream my laptop to my hdtv wirelessly

    hey the title says it all i need to stream my laptop to my hdtv wirelessly my laptop is a sony vaio vpceb16fg specs are intel core i3-330m 2.13ghz 4 gb ram ati mobility hd 5650 1gb windows 7 64bit i have a samsung 43" 1080p and a micromax 32" hdtv both do not have built in wifi but...
  6. izzikio_rage

    HTPC software to browse web/play games

    Hello everyone I've made a setup where i can connect my laptop to my HDTV (hdmi) and home theater speaker system. I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse for this. I'm running win 7 My problem is operating this from a distance. At HDTV resolution all text and icons are too small to operate...
  7. root.king

    SMART TV or HD TV urgent help!

    guys my friend need urgent help on buying tv within week as he need TV + BLURAY player + 5.1 or 7.1 audio system he choosed this model [ samsung 46f7500 ] his question is Do he really need SMART TV or regular LED 3D+HD TV do the same job he also need bluray player and 5.1 audio system...
  8. A

    Full HDTV and 5.1 home theater ??

    suggestion required for buying a 32 inch full HDTV {LED}and a 5.1 channel home theater {with rear side wireless speakers } my budget for HDTV is around Rs 36,000 and for home theater is Rs 10,000. Preferable brands are SAMSUNG ,SONY,LG,PANASONIC.
  9. S

    Need a 32" HDTV for use as a monitor

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 32 inch HDTV that I'll be using as a monitor for a PC that I'm building. Although I have a budget of 30k, I'd appreciate if you could suggest some cheaper alternatives as well. As I will only be using the TV as a monitor I need a no-frills set. Maybe a couple of USB...
  10. W

    Please suggest a Full HDTV!

    Guys, Have gone through some threads and am confused. Need your help in understanding the below. Pardon my ignorance.. Would like to understand what's the difference between the 3D and normal Full HDTV in terms of picture quality. Also if I view normal 2D movies in a 3D tv, any issues? Now...
  11. navpreetsingh459

    LG 65" Ultra HDTV preview

    Finally we got a name for the LG 55" and 65" Ultra HDTV and it's LA970. though I am bit surprised about this series as their 84" Ultra HDTV comes up in LM series. Here comes the detailed preview about the verdirct and release date of the 65LA970 model. *www.t3.com/reviews/lg-65la970-review
  12. HE-MAN

    2d hdtv to 3d hdtv

    is there any device that can turn my led hdtv into a 3d hdtv...... also if there is one plz give the details, price and possibly a link...
  13. shaurya.malik88

    Ultra HDTV dedicated thread

    There has already been a lot of buzz about the 84" ultra hdtv from lg and Sony and then came the CES which marks the launch of 4k TV in the likes of Sony,panasonic 56" 4k oled tv, LG 55" and 65" ultra hdtv, Samsung 85" ultra hdtv so why not have a full thread for discussion about the 4k Tv's...
  14. K

    Which is a better TV. Samsung Ua46es6800r or Sony 46hx750

    I am planning to buy an LED tv. Can someone please suggest which is a better option between Samsung Ua46es6800r and Sony 46hx750.
  15. S

    HDTV that can work good in daylight

    Looking for a HDTV for my office reception area - it gets a lot of daylight. Suggest good TVs that work well in bright light.
  16. A

    HDTV for 60k. Please help asap, plan to buy tomorrow

    1. Budget. 60k 2. Viewing distance. 9-10 feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. STB (will soon switch to a HD stb), PC via HDMI / network . iPhone via DLNA 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. LED 5. Preference for brands. none...
  17. S

    Super confusion... 720p or 1080p for 32" HDTV??

    I am planning to buy 32" HDTV... viewing distance will be 4ft+ ...preferably LED backlit. Budget - around 32k. Not really more than this. Purpose- normal television viewing and HD ripped content. yesterday I had visited Chroma and noted some observations. But I have following queries, putting in...
  18. G

    Suggest me 32 inch LED TV

    Hi In Noveember i am going to buy new 32 inch monitor Suggest me a good full HDTV. Thanks
  19. R

    Hook up computer 5.1 speakers to HDTV

    Can we connect comp. speakers to hdtv directly? if not what is that link I am missing?
  20. H

    pc to HDTV using dvi

    hi guys i need help on how to connect my pc to hdtv my pc has only one dvi port through my graphics card geforce 9400gt my hdtv has only one hdmi port 1. if i use an hdmi to dvi cable male to male (assuming those are available ) i wont get audio right ? how do i handle audio in...
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