1. K

    Extending my Hathway Connection through Wifi

    HI All, I recently took a hathway connection and it came with a very cheap plasticky Techni colour 7200 router. I was wondering which would be the best router to replace this one? 2ndly i want to know if i can extend the wifi from the TC 7200, as I have a TP link portable 3020. Please let me...
  2. kg11sgbg

    How is Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata?

    How is the Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata? I am interested in their Fiber Stream 40 Plan. It is Rs.900/- per month having 25Mbps till 40GB and 1 Mbps thereafter,unlimited... Info from Hathway Kolkata Tariff Presently on BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1495 Plan. It's too costly compared to...
  3. swatkats

    Hathway Broadband plans expansion to take on ACT Fibernet, Has it improved from earlier?

    Hathway has announced investing around Rs 280 crore towards broadband network infrastructure with a focus on six metro cities this fiscal, aimed at improving its revenues from broadband to nearly 50% from the current 20%. The company recently launched its high-speed internet offering Docsis...
  4. ratul

    Best ISP in Magarpatta City, PUNE

    I recently shifted to Pune in Magarpatta City, and the guys here are using hathway currently, good download speeds, upto 1MBps, but crappy upload speeds, 0.6mbps, and there are frequent connection drops too, speed ain't that constant too.. So we are looking for the best and most reliable ISP...
  5. V

    Need to buy a wireless router for my Hathway broadband

    Hi All, I am getting the broadband from Hathway. They are providing broadband using cable it seems. They are providing me a cable modem also. But it does not have wifi capability. Please suggest me a wireless router compatible with Hathway broadband. 1) I would like to connect my laptop...
  6. Gtb93

    Best broadband in Pune?

    I'm located at Shivaji Nagar Housing Soc./ Senapati Bapat road. I'm looking for a good and none/very little downtime facing network. Speed-2mbps-4mbps. UL. No FUP limits. Set up will be Wi-Fi. 3 people to share it. Any suggestions guys? The only options I've seen are - Tikona, YouBroadband, and...
  7. flyingcow

    Choosing a hathway plan, your views on it.

    I am tired of my BSNL 900rs plan, promised to give 4mbps "superspeed" , but only gives 1.7 mbps. After 8 gb gives 256kbps. I told them to put me on a 4mbps capable port, but they wouldnt. So I have decided to choose hathway plan - Zip 5 max, 5mbps upto 25 gb and post 256 kbps, price- 1200. I...
  8. A

    which wireless router for games and Broadband??

    Which wireless router should i go for to connect to my friend's Dlink wireless router (Hathway User) for playing games and also have my own Hathway Broadband connection on my router. Or else should i only go for a wireless receiver?
  9. Y

    Plz help : D-Link Wifi router configuration with hathway connection

    I am using D-Link DIR 300 DSL WIFI Router with Hathway internet connection (1MBps) I setup the router with static ip. previously it worked with all of my computers in lan. But now i can connect only to one pc. The other lan pc's are not getting internet. I also tried to reset the router...
  10. Y

    Network Problem **** PLZ HELP GUYS *****

    Dual Network Problem **** PLZ HELP GUYS ***** I have 2 lanports in my motherboard with a cable internet connection from Hathway I want to connect my pc with my friends network (their connections is also Hathway but different modem) but not to change my ip to their ip address Present...
  11. D

    Help in setting up home WiFi network using Hathway cable broadband

    Hi, I currently have a wired Hathway cable broadband connection at home connected to my desktop running WinXP. I will be purchasing a smart phone soon and am thinking of switching the desktop to a laptop in the near future. That's why I want to setup a WiFi network at home to surf the net using...
  12. dinesh_ddt

    Configure Hathway in Ubuntu 8.10

    Can anyone help me to configure hathway in ubuntu?? i tried several times.. im not getting it right..!! :-x:-x plz help ne1..!!:-(
  13. N

    Hathway Digital Cable Questions

    I have some queries regarding Hathway Digital Cable TV service in NON-CAS areas. My cable operator tells me that the set top boxes are out of stock & it will take some time for him to get new boxes. What are my options? Can I contact Hathway Mumbai directly? I asked my cable operator whether...
  14. A

    Complain against Hathway (Cable Tv) Can anyone reply

    Hathway has stopped sahara one and sahara filmy channel It is more than 1 week and they are not starting it what to do are they allowed to stop any channel and take same monthly rent from all customers IF no one can help then please tell where to send this request 2nd thing :-...
  15. M

    Best broadband in Delhi?????

    guys i hav recently shifted 2 delhi n have no clue abt d broadband services here...so help me out. 1. I m int. in unlimited connc. n use torrents mostly. 2. cant spend more den rs 1000/- 3. Wat abt Triband 749 night UL plan. Is it good enough?? 4. was using hathway nightbird 8pm to 8am plan...
  16. A

    Need Help:Hathway Cable Modem,Dataone BB Modem-cum-Router. How to Wi-Fi?

    Hi, Please help as much as possible, with as many ideas as you can: Recently my neighbour did a clean-up of junk, and they handed me a Hathway cable modem and a Dataone(BSNL) Broadband(Huwaei make)wireless router-cim-modem. Now I can get broadband from Hathway, using cable modem...but is there...
  17. N

    Bandwith Used?

    Hey, I have a hathway internet connection, and i cant access user account coz it's my pops and he as alwayz lost the pass, and i cant seem to find anyone at hathway who will help.. So i wanted to know if there is any app which will show me how much I have downloaded out of my 3GB limit...
  18. N

    Server Not Found - Need help ASAP

    Am using WinXP Pro SP2 and Hathway Cable Internet 256 kb. Since yesterday cannot access the net. Get message Server not found. The samething with Dialup network. The techmical person from Hathway connected his laptop to my modem and it worked fine. He suggested I call my hardwareman...
  19. RCuber

    "TV-OUT" is it good?

    Now a days most graphics cards have a Tv-OUT feature. I was wondering how will be the quality ? I want to know this because im planning to build a system which will only be connected to a TV and where i can play DVD/DivX etc etc and games ,I also want to connect my hathway mpeg 2 settop...
  20. I

    hathway cable net software

    hi i just got a hathway connection (in delhi)and my cable guy requires me to use this software...CYBER ROAM CLIENT where im sposta login everytime i wanna use d net it has a max time of 12 hrs after wich it auto logs off is there ne way sum1 knows that i can use the net without logging...
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