windows installation on red hat preloaded machine??????

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i have recently got a PC with Red Hat loaded in it. well, i want to install windows also into it.

i have heard that red hat and others can be loaded only by first loading or loaded windows OS and then red hat, not the other way round. so, i wanted to confirm this:::

is it possible to load windows without having to format my red hat directly. ?????????



no ..the thing is linux can detect whether windows is installed
but windows will not detect linux

i MAY be wrong .. thats we ask ppl to post in the right section
in this case ... OPEN SOURCE

hence im moving it there.


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You can install windows after installing linux, if you have space on your hard disk.
No problem with that. I have done that myself too. But, the problem that will arise is that windows will overwrite the MBR so you will need to reinstall GRUB/LILO. That will be very simple.
Here's how you can restore GRUB - Resore GRUB.
Have a look here too.
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