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can i install red hat linux on my system without providing a partition?
The linux version is is the fifth edition provided on a dvd.

( other distributors which run on CD(like kubuntu etc) directly worked out,
but i want to install red hat.


If you have blank Hard disk, Only Linux partitions required.
You have two choices, a single Operating System (OS) or a multi-boot system.

Many desktop users like to run Linux in addition to Windows on an existing PC. An additional hard drive may be used for Linux or an existing drive may be sectioned into two or more partitions. Linux may also reside as the only operating system on the computer as is preferred by those creating a server. Using a separate drive for Linux is the easiest and the preferred multi-boot configuration because it allows the original Windows drive to remain intact.

Note: Re-partitioning a drive will destroy all data on the drive unless a tool such as partition magic or fips is used. The Red Hat CD-ROM includes the repartitioning tool "fips" in the dosutils directory. See /dosutils/fipsdocs. This tool is unsupported. Partition Magic would be a wiser choice for those pursuing this approach. For dual boot installations, MS/Windows can be re-installed allowing the Microsoft installer to repartition the drive.


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No red hat is not available as a live cd..u can use virtualisation softs like vpc,vmware to install it witout giving it a separate partition

why did u choose to install red hat only??

please note:its a old linux distro which was preceeded over by fedora core 5
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