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Digit forum members,
I am having win98se and win xp as OSs.Now I want to install
Red hat linux enterprise edition such that current OSs are not effected
How can i do that?

My harddisk has 3 partitions with 40GB space,
Thank you!


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if You have any space left(~4GB) You can install RHEL3 but beware it lacks sata drive support on boot.Even You can try umpteen new distros any of which got 2.6 kernel.

B/W Linux is a Free and Open SOurce OS.SO this deserves to be on Open Source Section


You will have to free up some space (~5GB) in your HDD first. Here free space doesn't mean that you have some free space in one of your NTFS or FAT32 partition it is the unpartitioned space on your HDD. You can make this free space available by deleting some partition or you can use partition magic to make free space from your FAT or NTFS partion.

You can check the free space from the disk management console. Type 'diskmgmt.msc' in RUN console for DM in XP.

Once you make some free space (unpartitioned space) on your HDD, you can easily continue with the installation of RHL. If you have any difficulties while installation process, let us know we will try to help you.
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