Subway surfers lags on first launch


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Hello G&L's,

I have noticed a strange thing with the game Subway surfers.What happens is that it lags the first time I launch it and runs smooth every other time.Now this happens only if I play the game after a significant period of time, say I play it today and then I play it tomorrow.

This was happening with my previous phone( LG Optimus G E975) and is happening with my current phone(SGS 5) so it is not specific to a particular model.My theory is, the entire game is loaded into the memory upon startup and is erased by the garbage collector after a specific period of time.

Not really sure why this happens, anybody else notice this ?



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Is data on when you launch(WiFi or 2G)? Most games lag a bit when initally starting with data on as they wait for items to be downloaded.


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Do you feel the lags during gameplay, or just it only lags while starting the game the first time?
If it's the former, its just your phone acting up. Or maybe too many programs running at the same time when you tried that.

You can use Greenify app to hibernate apps you don't require. There you can set Subway Surfer not to go hibernate.
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