1. Raaabo

    What happened next?

    Source: Aaron Tilley & Bored Panda What happened next is something you will never know, and you will have to find a way to live with that. Aaron Tilley is a photographer who was commissioned to create the most irritating photographs of all time! Now you will know what Sheldon Cooper's OCD to...
  2. B

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count | Ars Technica UK Seriously? This is like punching holes in the Titanic. :(
  3. samudragupta

    sd card unmounted/removed unexpectedly!

    Hi friends, i know this has been posted before, but mine is a bit wierd problem.... Im using 64gb class 10 sandisk sd card. So after updating to lollipop i have been getting these errors frequently and i have to restart the handset to fix it temporarily. I had this issue on kitkat as well...
  4. ithehappy

    I am infected by a virus called 'upgrade-itch'. How to kill it? :D

    No seriously, for past one month, I am having this obsession. Every day when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is go on eBay and and see either a 4770k or 4930k and click on buy it now, apply a coupon and then close that page. I don't know why, but it's just happening. And it never...
  5. ankush28

    Windows desktop error

    "c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is missing" I've copied the c:\users\ankush\desktop to above folder and it got fixed! Anyone can tell me why this happened? Virus? Still I am getting tons of error :/ While opening libraries, downloads :/ :( Help me please
  6. G

    My mobo bursted

    Hi, Today i tried testing a SSD and the moment i put it the CPU my motherboard bursted. Can you tell me why this happened? Would welcome any suggestion!!!
  7. Faun

    Need help guys

    I was in party recently. Just writing down what happened there. Nothing is exaggerated there, it's what exactly happened. I am not sure if this thing was racially oriented but I do feel racial undertones in the behavior of bouncer. I chose not to play the race card in the review. My...
  8. doomgiver

    Need a computer monitor around the 7-8k mark.

    shortlist : Dell IN1930 Dell IN2030M (OOS on flipkart) Dell S2240L (waaay out of budget, at 9.5k, but if there is a dealer in delhi who sells for less, do let me know) you know what everyone needs, biggest screen in budget with highest picture quality. also, hdmi/dvi are important...
  9. Ironman

    Seagate 2 TB Problems ............. What should i do ?

    i bought a Seagate 2TB internal 3 weeks ago within that time some problems arose ......................... Sometimes the speeds just get down to 3MBps Sequential R/W instead of 100+ this is the third time it happened many times there are errors in the partitions which get...
  10. GhorMaanas

    [Praise] Hi-tech City - worth a visit for your laptop/iWare woes!

    Hello everyone! this happened a month or two back, and am writing about it now. while cleaning and replacing my laptop's keyboard one day, i pulled out the power-cable of it in a rough manner, and it got damaged. i had to now get it replaced. visited a shop at Thane as well as at Lamington...
  11. R

    Fan wire attached to molex got shot. Needed assistance!

    Guys I really need your help! I was installing a new ventilation fan in my new PC that I just assembled a week or so back. When I switched it on, there was a spark and white smoke came out from some part above the graphic card with a very strong burning-like odor. I immediately switched it...
  12. P

    [URGENT] Optimus L9 Suddenly Dead !!!

    Hi Guys , My Optimus L9 is not booting up . Heck it is not even responding , while connecting to computer or charging it is not even vibrating . And all this happened suddenly , Phone had around 80% battery , I kept it at my office desk and after 15 minutes when I tried to unlock it , it...
  13. TechnoHolic

    Please Identify This Problem

    Problem Description- 1. pressed power button and display stucked at bios spalsh screen..pressed F2 nothing happened.. 2. pressed restart button and restarted the system by selecting Boot Normally. 3. windows booted properly and i clicked right button of mouse just to refresh and the bsod...
  14. K

    Locked Win 7 & Surprised to see that it's been restarted after login

    This has happened about 3 times now if not more than that. The Issue is: I just locked the system using win+L. When I came back, the screen is alright waiting for me to enter password. After entering the password, it should resume from where I left last, right? But surprisingly, I see all...
  15. N

    Google Chrome "Couldn't Load Plug-in" error

    It started yesterday. I tried redownloading and installing, nothing happened. I even tried disabling Shockwave through Chrome's Task Manager, as someone suggested, nothing happened. I reinstalled Shockwave, nothing happened. I'm on Windows 7, nothi.... err... help!
  16. ithehappy

    What happened to ESPNSTAR.COM?

    Any user here? Whenever I try to go it redirects to *www.foxsportsasia.com/football/ Did Fox just purchase them or what?
  17. S

    Problem with dispaly of laptop............

    this is the display of my laptop when i open my laptop today. can any one tell what had happened to display of my laptop???
  18. S

    Need Help Identifying Which Component Failed???

    I been running this RIG smoothly since only February 2012 until now November 4th (since the date of the first thread below)! Comparing the cabinet pictures you'll see trivial changes. The picture posted in this thread is exhibiting the recent setup, the picture inside the below link exhibits the...
  19. parth.khopkar96

    What happened to nexus 7 releasing in india?

    All the news or blogs i have seen announcing release of nexus 7 in India dating to september. What happened to it? When is it finally getting released?
  20. M

    LG World Record Propoosal Flash Mob

    With the kind of brand promotion going on these days, flash mobs are becoming more and more common. After Nokia Lumia's flash mob, there was a Flash Mob Proposal that happened in the same Ambience Mall and now its come to my knowledge that it was organized by LG. What do you make of it?
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