1. N

    Laptop display freeze

    Hello, I have a Toshiba satelite laptop,Few days ago while working the display turns white and the desktop become foggy, I moved the mouse but the display doesn't show any cursor change. Then I switch off and removed the battery. the display showing taskbar and other desktop icons in a light...
  2. meetdilip

    Chromecast 2 issues

    Moto E3 Power is not able to cast anything other than YouTube to Chromecast 2. I have Google Home app installed, but when I try to cast anything other than through YouTube, apps hang. I have to restart the phone to make anything work again. Any way to fix it ?
  3. patkim

    Pen drive hangs explorer

    I have a 16 gb pen drive that off lately many a times cause Windows explorer hang for a long time mostly after it's connected or sometimes suddenly while accessing files at random. Explorer eventually recovers from Hang state after about 3 - 4 minutes. Worst case I have to disconnect it hard way...
  4. A

    Dell Inspiron 4010 N

    I have Dell Inspiron 4010 N which is 2 yrs old and from last 6 months it got hang problem with irritating buzzing noise. Please help me out/
  5. T

    Belle Hangs

    I thought the Belle update would solve the Symbian Anna hangs of Nokia 500, but after 3 months of the update, it has again started giving the same hang problems. Happens about once a week, while doing simple tasks as browsing or watching videos online. Same hang, and then screen goes dark pixel...
  6. RCuber

    Has the quality of Firefox gone down recently?

    I am noticing a drastic performance drop in the recent builds of Firefox. I have only 4 extensions installed at home, NoScript, AdBlock, Download Helper, and one more. The startup time is pathetic, opening TFD, Gmail and youtube simultaneously via bookmarks causes it to hang for 5-6...
  7. B

    Harddrive is dead or not working?

    Hi friends, I have got one problem in my pc. i have installed two seagate 500 gb internal hard drive and it works fine for 1 year. last week when i format and install dual boot on my first drive by windows 7 32 bit and second drive windows 7 64 bit. yesterday, when i open my computer my...
  8. thecoolguy02

    Anyone using BLACKBERRY 9900 (BOLD 4)

    i am looking to buy blackberry 9900 i.e Bold 4.. but someone told me it has some serious issue with software as it got hang very frequently..... plz suggest me guys.... m too confused....
  9. A

    Phone 5K which wont hang

    Advice i m looking for a phone max 5 K which will not hang and play dead. Is it possible in a touchscreen for this kinda budget. My 1 month old nokia C6 already with nokia care centre for getting fixed up and they will keep it for 5 days.So plz help. already have LGt300 in my home which is...
  10. mohityadavx

    Random Hang

    Nowadays I am suffering random hang every second now & then . Though the system recovers from hang within few seconds itself its quite frustrating. these hang increase when i surf the internet irrespective of the browser. I am using Windows 7 and my config is in my signature. I am using ESET...
  11. mohityadavx

    PDF softwares

    Hi! I am doing some pdf related work . Now I am having pdf of size varying from 5 mb to 150mb. 1)Now first of all i want a software which convert DjVu to pdf. What i was doing was using WinZDJview(open source software) with bullzip pdf printer (freeware) to make pdf. However it is unstable...
  12. R

    Need a good phone under 3k

    Guys plz suggest a good phone under 3k for my GF she has a 5130XM but having so many probs decided to sale it so any good phone in that range needs good battry life soft keypad for typing good music & doesnt hang ...lol she doesnot want nokia(unless its awesome) she has her eye on...
  13. S

    Windows 7 wont boot after install

    Hello sir, I have installed windows7 to my pc. Installation was gone smoothly. however when it restarts after completing all the installation process it wont boot from my hardisk. it shows "press any key to continue to boot from cd" and gets hang the cursor. Since i have inserted bootable...
  14. boeing_737

    Processor pin issue

    Hi all, While trying to clean some dust of my AMD Athlon 64x2 processor, one of the pins came off. Just to see if it worked, I put the processor back. It seems to work ok till now. However, I am sure there is going to be a problem somewhere down the line, and my computer would probably hang...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar

    Linux Getting Hang....Plz Help And Some Silly Ques.....Plz Ans

    Hey frndz I recently tried to install Red Hat Linux 9......But its asking for HDD driver from a specified list.......But I'm not so advanced user to understand thos drivers....... Dats y i tried Fedora......But it doesn't hav thos much softwares..... I tried Ubuntu......But its getting...
  16. S

    hanging problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone. i hv a zenith celeron system. configuration smthing like this Intel original 845 board processor -2.4 GHz Ram 384MB 160GD HDD- 2 * 80 OS- Win XP Pro. SP2 My problem is that my system goes hanged between any process N smtimes it hang on startup. I m not able to find the...
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    dataone doesnt connect till phone on hang !

    a weird problem has engulfed me recently.. al of a sudden my dataone has stopped connectin.. but surprisingly, it connects only when i hang up my phone's receiver.. and if i put the receiver back, it again disconnects... i checked all the wires n connections, they seem to be wrkin fine... any...
  18. Amir.php

    r-connect problem

    i have recently upgrade my system to murcury(intel 82945 chipset)moherboard,dual core processor,1gb ram etc. after installing the usb cable and my LG RD 2130 modem when i tried to connect my system is Hang up.i try again but system hang again and again. while on my old configuratin i have been...
  19. punk

    N70 ME problem

    Hi I got a N70 ME a month back, since 3 days whenever i am capturing a video the recording takes place with microsecond hangs intermittantly, i,e it is not continous but hang, capture, hang capture kind of recording, now y cud this be happening, how can i correct it ?
  20. vish786

    hdd weird problem... i bet nobody has this problem

    whenever i boot my system it gets hang at this point,if i have grub installed, [current OS installed win xp, mandriva, ubuntu] when i boot my system for first time so the system gets hang here.... i restart the com again second time i get this error and the system gets hang here. so i...
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