1. Vyom

    [Want to Buy] Wired XBox Controller 2nd hand

    The real and new ones are quite expensive now. If anyone have the controller under good condition and might want to sell, please reply. I really want to play Rocket League with a good controller now ;-;
  2. amruth kiran

    Switching From Andriod to IOS/WINDOWS

    So I've used Android for years now on my trusty NEXUS 4 and have accomplished quite a lot on that fragile little thing, and being the true nerd (HAIL DIGIT!) I've rooted,flashed,bricked it many a times I've lost count. But its time for a change and now i just don't have the time to play...
  3. cute.bandar

    Building cheapest PC that's kind of reliable?

    So a former employee of my father wants to get a first computer for his children... Purpose : Simply learn how to use a computer. Basic things. Reliable: complete newbies to computer, things go wrong in hardware, they will have issues. Cheap Parts needed: monitor / CPU / keyboard mouse...
  4. I

    Second Hand Washing Machine Buying Advice Please

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a second hand washing machine. I had a very old (about 10 years or more) front loading fully automatic IFB and have realised that a washing machine is essentially a money sink. So to save upfront costs I am thinking of buying a second hand one. However, I am...
  5. ico

    Gaming mouse needed.

    Budget is Rs. 2000 max. I think Razer has build quality issues. Plus their Synapse DRM crap a couple of years back pissed a lot of people off. Dunno about the current scenario. My hand is not small, neither big. Just a normal hand. I use Palm grip.
  6. G

    [For Sale] Amplifier - Laney LX12

    * Product Name: Laney LX 12 amplifier * Expected Price: Rs. 800/- FREE - negotiable No shipping. Hand to hand only * Date of purchase: Don't remember, Sometime in 2006. * Reason for Sale: Not being used anymore, using guitar processor . * Warranty: No * Product Condition: used for less...
  7. U

    [For Sale] STEAM games of your choice at a huge discount!

    I am willing to gift steam games at 85% of the price, ppl willing to buy can contact me. $150 worth of credit is with me. eg. Buying watch dogs at $59.99 will cost you: 59.99*0.85 = 50.9915 $50.9915 to ₹3060 $1 = ₹60 (Lower than usual) ------------------------------------ Originally it would...
  8. Nanducob

    Which is your stronger hand? Right or Left?

    Hi, I am doing a small survey on Internet users about hand strength.So Please answer the question.Thanks
  9. spyingshadow

    [Want to Buy] Hd 6850/6870 graphics card

    I want to buy a second hand AMD hd 6850/6870, preferably from Sapphire.
  10. nseries73

    [For Sale] Call Of Duty: Ghosts

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Expected Price: Rs 3000/- Source and Time of Purchase: 2nd Jan 2013, Starmark, Kolkata Reason for Sale: Bought 2, one for myself other for my friend who backed out !! RMA/Servicing history: Not Applicable Product...
  11. N

    Question about RMA

    My PSU is dead and i am going to RMA it. Do they provide any receipt once we hand over the component to them ?
  12. C

    Gaming Mouse help - left hand edition

    I ordered Razer Death Adder USB 2.0 Mouse from flipkart. Razer Death Adder USB 2.0 Mouse - Razer: Flipkart.com I told a friend today, he found following in the mouse spec. The mouse in the on way. I contacted flipkart to cancel the order, but it look like it is too late. I am waiting for...
  13. patkim

    What to check - Buying Second Hand HDD

    Hi, I am about to buy a second hand HDD. Have aligned with the seller that I shall also do a few checks from my side before purchase. What should I be specifically looking into e.g. any key SMART parameters. Could someone advice please. Thx
  14. vikrraal

    Is buying a second hand smartphone from a local dealer is ok ??

    Hi everyone..:-) I'm planning to buy a "HTC One" black from a local dealer which is one month used in 33k with original bill. There is always a risk in buying 2nd hand so what are the things i should check before buying ? The battery is non removal of htc one. so is there any heating or other...
  15. B

    I am planning to buy a second hand SAMSUNG : NP550P5C-S02IN is it worth

    I am planning to buy a second hand SAMSUNG : NP550P5C-S02IN is it worth with 4 Months warranty left please guide , i am going it to buy for around 30K . i have heard a lot of good reviews about the laptop but since i cant pay that much amount for the brand new lapy i am going for a second hand...
  16. shreymittal

    Best phone under 8K for my sister

    Hey Guys, I need a phone under 8K for my sis as she has lost her Galaxy Ace I have shortlisted 2 phones 1. Pantech Burst 2. 2nd hand S Advance Give your suggestions. Questionnaire Answered 1. Budget? Ans. 8K 2. Display type and size? Ans. 4" or bigger 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Ans...
  17. R

    PC Gamer!!! Which console to get?

    Never tried console gaming except for the psp, though I hardly like gaming on handhelds(don't play games on my s3) I want to buy a second hand console to try those exclusive games which are worth playing and never came to PC or were horrible ports.So here are my queries: 1.Which console do I...
  18. eggman

    [For Sale] Kindle Fire 2

    Hi Selling off Kindle Fire 2. It's in top condition and been used less than 20 hours till now. Condtion : 10/10 Price: Rs. 7,000 Transaction: Only Hand to hand sale, not wiling to ship it because of the risks. Location: Bangalore Reason for sale: Buying a Kindle Paperwhite. Check...
  19. R

    High end android or ios+wp8?

    Hello, I just registered today and this is my first post in this forum. I have been saving money to buy a high end phone and now have 35000 in hand. I was about to buy sony xperia zl online but the launch of nokia lumia 520 ruined my plan. I never owned a windows phone or ipad and thought...
  20. kartikoli

    [Query] sapphire warranty claim on hand written invoice

    I am in process of finalizing the deal for sapphire GPU but the buyer have a hand written invoice so i would like to know if i will be eligible to claim warranty in future also where is the service center in lucknow
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