1. Nerevarine

    Igyaan hacked

    Check this out .. the official site is hacked by an indonesian hacker
  2. Flash

    Hacker Claims to Have Breached Adobe

    Hacker Claims to Have Breached Adobe - NYTimes.com
  3. aroraanant

    Anonymous Hacker Takes Down GoDaddy Inc.

    For more info refer this link
  4. A

    using resource hacker

    Hi Can any one tell me how to use resource hacker? After using google for some times, I came across some online tutorials and using them I edited icon and dialogue files of a couple of soft wares (e.g. vlc-2.0.1-win32.exe) After that when i tried installing the soft-wares, It said...
  5. S

    How to stop a hacker at Facebook?

    Heyy Everyone, A hacker is constantly hacking my cousin's facebook account,he is sending random messages with severe abuses to known relatives/close friends and also he is posting on wall by hacking his Account,how to stop him?
  6. utkarsh73

    FBI shutdown of rogue DNS servers may affect your Internet connections

    Source: FAQ : DNSChanger Trojan, Impact and Solutions | The Hacker News (THN) Is it true? I read it in newspaper too!!!!!!!
  7. astroutkarsh

    Hacker releases Symantec source code

    Just going through the Google News before leaving office... found this Hacker releases Symantec source code | Reuters
  8. sygeek

    Hackers in Space

    Hackers in Space A Modest Proposal for the Next 23 Years Read more about the program here
  9. gagan007

    PlayStation Accounts Hacked

    Source I know this news has become kind of old (though announced today itself), but couldn't find a thread for it so...
  10. D

    Hacker Halted Conference-2010

    Hacker Halted Conference-2010 Schedule: Hacker Halted Conference-2010, October 9-15th 2010, Miami Florida. Hacker Halted is the premier information security conference of its kind in the world. Hacker Halted has one simple purpose, to address the threat of black hat hacking by equipping...
  11. H

    Rahul hacker

    Am facing the problem whenever i click on internet explorer it opens but it shows rahul hacker how to remove this i have used Nod full updated but no solution can u help me out of this problem. and 1 windows open it shows there is no disk in drive any time if i cancel it , it doesnt go only i...
  12. NucleusKore

    New Zealand company hires hacker

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7962671.stm A top New Zealand telecommunications company has hired a teenager who admitted to taking part in an international cyber-crime network. TelstraClear said former hacker Owen Thor Walker was advising corporate customers on internet...
  13. Faun

    Joomla can be more friendly for hackers too !!!

    For 1 week my net connection was down ! And today when I opened my blog (webofgoo.com), I found that the index page was altered by some hacker. One thing is sure that same guy hacked into other users having Joomla installed. I too has version 1.5.8 but never used it (someone else did...lol)...
  14. george101

    Indian hacker brain behind biggest cyber-heist

    An unknown Indian hacker is being charged with the greatest cyber-heist in history for allegedly helping a criminal gang steal identities of an estimated eight million people in a hacking raid that could ultimately net more than £2.8 billion in illegal funds. visit...
  15. dheeraj_kumar

    Is your son a computer hacker?

    got it from http://www.techsupportforum.com/relaxation-room/offline/34201-your-son-computer-hacker.html Read this, you'll love it :) In the end you'll be like OMGWTFBBQ :D Trust me:cool:
  16. S

    How to become a hacker?

    How to become a hacker? Just a simple question but i want an answer.
  17. R

    cyber crime squad

    now that hacker named anjali sharma returned my password of my gmail account account. And warned me 2 not do n e changes while i will bw in R & D for 1 month.They made a lot of changes in my account even changing my name over there. what i did is that i formatted my pc and installed one...
  18. CadCrazy

    Microsoft Fixing 'Fixed' Flaw

    While most of the US sat back and enjoyed Thanksgiving, Microsoft engineers tinkered away at fixing a design flaw in Windows, recently brought to light by Beau Butler, an ethical hacker. Demonstrated by Butler at last week's 'Kiwicon Hacker Conference' in New Zealand, the design flaw is such...
  19. Vishal Gupta

    [Woot] My Resource Hacker Tutorial Link at Its Official Website

    Guys I don't know whether you noticed it or not. So I’m sharing this gr8 news with you all. NOW my Resource hacker tutorial has been put at its official website: :p http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Its a great honor and surprise for me. Just go through the above mentioned link, scroll...
  20. naveen_reloaded

    Funny ... Laugh always... :-)

    Found this on net.. and found it extremely funny so wanted to post it ... will be posting more funny things like this .. please do contribute to this thread.. LET keep this thread updated for all those FUNNY THINGS ... TICKLING STUFF...
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