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  1. S

    Does my phone need tempered glass protector?

    I have recently purchased the Xiomi Redmi 3s, and then I purchased a flip cover which offers adequate protection. I have read that the Redmi 3S does not have Gorilla glass, but it does have "strengthened glass". I wanted to know I i need to apply any type of screen guard to my...
  2. BakBob

    Screen guards thread

    Post what type of screen guard you guys prefer on your phone. Also i fail to see how tempered glass provides any more protection, addition of a sheet of glass to a sheet of glass makes no sense. I personally prefer matte guard as they are oleophobic and the phone doesn't become a 25000...
  3. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Moto E accessories

    Im looking for a Matte screen protector for the Moto E. I have seen a lot of them of flipkart and Amazon but people say that they are not perfectly cut. If any of you guys have a good Matte Screen Guard please suggest me. And also about a !6gb Memory card (class 10 UHS-I)
  4. Nerevarine

    Tempered glass screen protector

    They any good ? Here's a link : FOR LG Goole Nexus 5 0 26mm Tempered Glass Screen Guard Scratch Protector | eBay - - - Updated - - - BUMPITY ? no replies ?
  5. ithehappy

    A water purifier needed urgently

    Suggest me a water purifier guys. We were using some HUL Pure Sh!t unit, which I broke today in pieces so that my parents will be forced to buy a new one. Yet it was not enough torture that it died, piece of ****. Don't wanna go Aqua Guard way as I have zero faith in Eureka Forbes. So what to...
  6. R

    Do i need scree protector for gorilla glass 3?

    Most of the phones today come with gorilla glasses and claim to be scratch proof.So do we really need to put a screen guard on such displays?
  7. F

    Best Screen guard for the Mobile available in India???

    Hi I recently purchased a Z1 and the Scratch Guard i put on it suxs big time!!!!! You can See all the Finger prints clearly ( my sister came to know my lock code coz of that) and gets too many scraches :( Which1 is good? and were can i buy it from
  8. E

    Voltage Guard for LED TVs: necessary or optional/good to have?

    I just bought a new LED tv whose power supply specification is AC 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz. Having paid 35k for TV I want to be sure that it won't get damaged because of voltage fluctuation n stuff. However, I am not sure if an external voltage guard is required or the TVs have in-built stabilizing...
  9. K

    Dell Inspiron 15.6" Laptop Screen Protector and keyboard cover

    Hi Everybody!! I need good screen guard and keyboard cover for Dell Inspiron 15R SE laptop. I have a bad habit of having tea-coffee when using laptop :oops: I checked with Dell customer service, they are not selling screen guard and keyboard cover in India but its available for sale in...
  10. V

    [For Sale] New samsung galaxy s3

    ***It's an urgent sale*** Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy SIII Marble White, Jul 2012 Manufacured, Expected Price: Rs 35,500/- Bought for Rs.37,500. Bill Included. Time of Purchase: Sep 5, 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes . 12...
  11. cacklebolt

    Case and Scratch Guard

    I own a samsung galaxy y and i am planning to replace its scratch guard and tpu case... i got a scratch guard from the dealer but then it began to develop air bubbles so replaced it with a cheapo from a streetside vendor and thats even more horrible..the scratch guard has scratches!!! will...
  12. A

    Screen guard for HTC Explorer

    I have just ordered a HTC Explorer , I wanted to buy a screen guard for it , there are many available on Flipkart Htc explorer : Buy in India @ Flipkart.com & ebay which guard should i go for?
  13. coolest111

    ipad 3 Screen Guard n Cover

    Earlier few days back i came to u all regarding iPad for my frnd he have bought one now he want a Screen Guard n Cover for the same so plz guys help.... Budget is arnd 2-2.5k(it does not mean he want to spent all if cheaper alternatives r available) i found few options on Ebay (but never...
  14. speedyguy

    Nokia Lumia 710 one week old

    Model number and details: Nokia Lumia 710 (New) with 4 months 3G(2GB/month) package free, Bluetooth Earpiece, Scratch resistant screen guard and hard mobile panel cover. Purchased for Rs. 15,999/- + Rs. 700/- (screen guard and body cover). Date of purchase: 26th Feb, 2012 Reason for sale...
  15. ajayritik

    Suggestions on a good spike guard

    I currently have a spike guard which doesn't look good. Most of the times when I plug in something to it, it invariably doesn't fit properly and starts coming out. I saw some thread here but it was mentioned place as Mumbai I stay in Hyderabad. I think Belkin or MX are good brands that I came...
  16. I

    Need a Screen Protector

    I've recently bought an HTC 7 Mozart and I am looking out for a good quality screen protector for it. Please suggest me a screen guard which is thin and completely transparent that doesnt spoil the picture quality on the screen. I've already tried two different screen protector, first one was...
  17. killerz

    Apple iPod Touch 4G 8gb (7 days old) and iPod Classic 120 GB

    [closed] iPod Classic 120 GB SOLD 1. *Model number and details: 1.) iPod Classic 120GB Mint condition , very less used. no scratches , with screen guard & back guard applied. With all accessories - original apple earphones, box ,dock. Free Black Case with flap and Free Crystal Case...
  18. N

    which brand is good in mumbai for spike guard ?

    which brand is good in mumbai for spike guard ? I need to buy one ASAP.
  19. A

    Very High Quality Mobile Screen Protector !

    Hey Guys, I know there are like many screen guard available in the market, But I have just got a 3.7 Inch screen Motorola Milestone. And I am looking out for a good quality screen protector for it. Please suggest me a screen guard which is very thin,transparent doesnt hamper,spoil the...
  20. bajaj151

    For Nokia 5233 users !!

    Touchscreen Guards!! I purchased Nokia 5233 yesterday from Mobile Store in Delhi..The Store person told me to buy Screen Protector or guard...and price is Rs.380 Do I need to buy or is there any alternative available ??
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