Very High Quality Mobile Screen Protector !

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Hey Guys,

I know there are like many screen guard available in the market, But I have just got a 3.7 Inch screen Motorola Milestone. And I am looking out for a good quality screen protector for it.

Please suggest me a screen guard which is very thin,transparent doesnt hamper,spoil the image,picture quality on the screen. I mean it should not feel while watching any video or using the screen that there is some plastic film which has been put on it and so the real 100% viewing pleasure is not there.

I am looking out for a very thin,high quality, transparent screen guard (Ofcourse with all the other things like it should leave any bubbles,adhesive stains,marks etc...)

Any suggestions !


Broken In
Take a look at Zagg invisible shield. It also offers great protection and I have read some good reviews about it

Buy it online here


Cyborg Agent
You can try Capdase Screen guards too, they have normal, mirror finish(3 colours) and Privacy Screen Guards.


Zagg is good too
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