1. C

    Purchased Nokia C3 today...features not working

    Hi... I purchased Nokia C3 today for about 5.7K. I am facing some issues which I'm not able to resolve even after doing extensive research on the net. I hope you guys can help me out. These are the issue I'm facing currently... (1) Mail feature does not connect - When I clicked n mail...
  2. luralin

    Choosing a mobile phone!

    If you just can not decide which cell phone to choose, then you did the right thing for coming here. Just make out your application in the following form Option One (if you do not know what to choose, in principle). Basic requirements (no more than 5), for example: 1. Price not more than...
  3. maddy1205

    Not able to save GPRS settings

    i am nt able 2 save vodafone GPRS settings on my NOKIA 5530XM. whever i send a sms to get the settings i get a message-Trusted server settings recived but not saved. Message could not be authenticated and was deleted. pls help:sad:!!!!!!
  4. aniket.cain

    Using reliance gprs on pc.

    I want to use my reliance gprs to surf the net on my laptop. I have a nokia 5233 and i use pc suite version 7. If i use airtel, then it is very easy as there is an option of airtel in pc suite, but not for reliance. How should i configure it manually?
  5. RCuber

    Samsung i5801 with 3G Problem

    Hello Guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5801) with a BSNL 2G SIM card. Couple of days back I sent a SMS to migrate to 3G . After I sent the SMS, my Plan was changed to 3G General. Now comes the real problem, I havent seen a 3G icon yet in my phone. GPRS works fine using APN...
  6. kool

    Nokia 5230. How GPS connects?

    Guys, Recently i used Google Map on my friends Nokia E63 via airtel GPRS. And it really helped in our Delhi-Jaipur trip. Now i want to know about GPS of Nokia 5230, how it connects? and how it works? Do i need any separate GPS device to connect nokia 5230 GPS? if not why it search for...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Automatic GPRS connection in Nokia 5230

    I am having a Nokia 5230 working on a 2G network. In the last few days many a times I have picked up my phone to find that I have been charged for some Internet browsing when I never did anything. Yesterday i noticed that the GPRS connection was active although no game or app was running. As...
  8. kool

    Nokia 5230 vs Nokia c5 ...??? under Rs. 8000

    i want to buy a mobile phone under Rs. 8000, I've checked these sets Nokia 5230 and Nokia c5. But i want user review on these handset. Like music quality, battery life etc. Any negative points like hanging problem? I mainly use my cell for SMSing, GPRS net and music. What about NOKIA 5230 for...
  9. 0

    mobile software prob, pls help

    i have 98 idea gprs plan but i m unable to connect wlirc to net. It says 'error whilest opening connection'. Anyone here who has used any irc client on mobile after buyng that 98 gprs pack?
  10. hahahari

    reliance gsm nightmare!

    I got a new sim. Reliance gsm and i added in the frc 66recharge. I am trying to activate the unlimited gprs pack on this. They have 40% off on the gprs for frc 66 recharge. But i have no clue as to how to activate it. Pls help. Their customer care is pathetic. Btw i am from blore.
  11. kool

    BSNL data usage? Modem type? Just Help me..!!

    Hi guys, Finally 1st time i get BSNL BB 500C at my home(PATNA);-) after 18 days :???:, i'm totally new to broadband service. So i've few question to ask you all. According to plan, my DAY limit to 1.5 Gb, and Night Unlimited (2-8am). I checked my usage on Dataone site, but login failed...
  12. INS-ANI

    Which GPRS Service is best suited?

    Now a days, its pretty hard to find any unlimited GPRS tarrif. DO you guys are aware of any service provider offering unlimited GPRS for a fixed amount?
  13. F

    Airtel gprs charging my balance when it should'nt

    I have Nokia 7210 with Airtel connection. I activated 98 rs per month gprs plan but when I use my mobile's built-in browser it deducts my balance and when i use opera mini or my pc to connect it does not charge me. What can I do to surf freely in my phone's native browser? Please help.
  14. R

    Which is the best phone @ 5K

    I need to buy a new phone. The budget is 5K Don't like touchscreen phones. Should be suitable for using GPRS and should have decent sound quality.
  15. rohanz

    gprs hack in vodafone..!!!

    After two long days of Server Updation, here I come with all new Vodafone gprs haςk, Hope this trick works in all over India., Here are the Settings you need to Create and Manage. Again it is recommended to have Balance Less than Rs. 1, Let’s get in to the core…. Access Point ...
  16. indian_blues

    GPRS setting for android

    I've android nexus one mobile can anyone guide me to setup gprs setting for aircel.
  17. H

    Best mobile network for GPRS

    Which network is best for mobile gprs ?
  18. R

    push email on E51 ???

    i am able to use push email on nokia e51 but only through wifi. i am unable to get it to sync via gprs. is there any setting i am missing. plz lemme know. thx
  19. samrulez

    Questions about blackberry

    Hey guys, I'm gettin a Blackberry. I just wanted to know if i can use normal GPRS from vodafone without activating the BBM? And i can use normal GPRS after activating BBM too ? Are the GPRS tariffs different ? Thanks, Sam.
  20. S

    Internet Service Provider

    Hi everybody!! My place is a small town called Diphu in Assam. Here we have Dataone broadband service which is neither reliable nor speedy. Second option is Photon+ but it also is like gprs very slow. So am thinking to set up something like cable network and provide internet at say like 2mbs...
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