1. ssb1551

    Moto ATRIX 2 Data Connectivity Issue

    Hi All, I am back after long time. Hope all the old members are doing good. I has purchased a Moto Atrix 2 in Sep 2012. I updated the OS to ICS yesterday. Now I cant use GPRS. I check the "Data Enabled" option in "Data Usage" but the GPRS doesn't work. I tried using 3G as well but the same...
  2. ramakanta

    idea mobile GPRS Balance

    which key combination to known GPRS balance in Idea Mobile. please help me .thank you.:|
  3. ajayritik

    How to connect to GPRS using Desktop PC

    Guys can someone help me connecting with my Airtel GPRS using my PC. I have Lg optimus net & GS2.
  4. go4saket

    Normal GPRS on Blackberry Phone?

    Hello! I recently brought a Blackberry phone and want to activate GPRS in it. I dont want to take the Blackberry Internet service. Rather I want to opt for the normal GPRS that is being provided by Vodafone at Rs.59 which allows me to access internet on my phone. Blackberry internet service...
  5. panacea_amc

    Bsnl Cellone Gprs querry??

    hi, In bsnl website there is stated that for GPRS Rs 300 recharge pack in prepaid cellone, i get 8gb for 90 days. But when i recharged with 300, i didnt get that 8GB. Rather, i got a 30 days on net free call validity. Has this 90 days 8gb plan changed?
  6. M

    browsing internet with gprs

    I used browse internet with bsnl gprs through my laptop. however,recently I am not able to get connected using laptop evengthough,nokia pc suite connections show as connected. I do not know what has gone wrong.can somebody advise?
  7. rohan_mhtr

    Why am i getting free Airtel GPRS ?

    I generally use airtel gprs for checking emails , updating status , news etc . Browsing using Airtel Live was reducing my balance fast . So someone told me about 2GB Rs 100 Mobile office plan . I paid Rs 100 and got that plan .Called customer care and asked them to send me settings for mobile...
  8. S

    Can I use 2G GPRS plans on Blackberry curve?

    Hi Guys, I need to buy blackberry curve 9830. I was wondering whether or not we can use normal gprs plans on this phone. I wont be using it for office mails as such, so i dont need blackberry messaging service. Is there any limitation on using normal gprs plans? Does the browser and...
  9. RCuber

    Airtel GPRS Down

    I got a internal office memo that Airtel GPRS in not working in Karnataka, AP and Chennai. Everyone in my office are facing the service outage. PS: No Source as this message was sent by Airtel to our IT Department.
  10. H

    Which mobile operator to choose in Kolkata?

    Have been using Airtel for the last 4 years. Had used Docomo for 4-5 months this year but switched back to Airtel since Docomo reception is a bit patchy in my college. And their GPRS was slow. Now with the 100sms/day rule being compulsorily implemented from 27th September, looking for...
  11. win32.tr0jan

    Blackberry curve 8320 gprs doubt

    I have heard that Some BBs (8520 and some other models) are able to access the internet from their service provider and according to their tariff.Like one of my frnd is using 8520,uses Vodafone gprs pack of Rs5 per day,another guy is using 8310 and uses normal gprs rather than BB Internet.How...
  12. W

    Loop Mobile GPRS Settings for Android

    Dose anyone have the GPRS settings for loop mobile in android ??? I have tried the general settings that are given on their site ---> Loop But they dont work. So please if anyone could help it would be great ...
  13. Revolution

    Need Reliance 2G Pack Info WB

    Please help! I'm looking for GPRS pack of high data limit with good speed and must support p2p. I want to know about all 2G GPRS pack(price,data limit,validity) available in Kolkata/WB.
  14. G

    Airtel GPRS Dial-up Problem

    I wanted my PC to connect to the internet via airtel gprs but failed to do so.I followed the following steps. -made a new dial up connection through new connection wizard. -provided *99# as the number to be dialed. -selected my smartphone as the modem. Whenever the wizard tries to register...
  15. T

    Exporting Contacts & GPRS setting

    Hi Guys , 1) Is there an option to export contacts from my old Sony ericsion phone (w910i) in csv using Sony ericsion PC companion software ?. Once contacts are exported I need to import the same in defy. PS : copying the contacts to sim card and importing the same does not helps as the...
  16. mayoorite

    bsnl north gprs/edge setting for nokia c2 01

    hi::!: I need bsnl north gprs/edge setting for nokia c2 01. Does edge gives more downloading speed than gprs . If yes than what is its configuration? I have postpaid 325 plan and gprs is on. i have sent a message to bsnl for the configuration but there is no response from them. Gprs is...
  17. D

    Best gprs usb modem

    need unlocked gprs modem for low price under 2000 which one is the best available for this option
  18. S

    USB Broadband Stick Buying Advise

    Hi Everyone, I have been happily using Airtel unlimited plan over a year.....but it's giving me lots of trouble from last 10 days. It keeps getting disconnected again and again. Sometimes it just reboots and most of times it just gets disconnected. Called their tech support like 10 times and...
  19. P

    Airtel GPRS Settings

    Hi, I have Gild 7700. The Airtel GPRS Setting given is not working in this handset.Is their any problem with access point of Airtel? Thanks & Regards pbalakr3
  20. kool

    Reliance 3G for Rs.99 (2.5 GB) Yo Yo Yo..

    Hi guys, I didn't activate 3G but it automatically showing 3.5G in place of E sign in my Nokia 5230, so i recharged my cell with Rs.99 for 2.5 GB data for GPRS. But it giving speed like 3G, today i downloaded lots of mp3 and videos in my cell with speed varying in between 110 kb/s to 180 kb/s...
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