1. scavanger007

    GPRS selection

    Guys, I am looking for a gprs operator who gives good speed in affordable rate... My only objective for using gprs will be for share trading while on the move.... (max 3 hrs a day) i.e. i will be using gprs only to access my demat website.... Right now i m using airtel, (not used much gprs...
  2. panacea_amc

    Nokia 3600 slide: Opera Mini Not connecting to GPRS!!

    hello all, i own a Nokia 3600 slide. i am using aircel GPRS Rs 98/ scheme. i can use it in my default inbuilt web browser to browse the internet..but when i use opera mini 4.2 or Gotalk mobile, it gives an error saying "internet not available"...i am not able to figure out what is...
  3. H

    cheapest gprs plan

    what is cheapest unlimited gprs plan by any mobile service provider in u.p.:-o also this plan support laptop surfing via mobile gprs.
  4. patkim

    W810i and GPRS

    I find very poor internet connectivity with Sony Ericsson W810i handset and Airtel GPRS. Sites takes more than 5 – 6 mins to download or eventually die out. I tried upgrading the software on phone but I guess it’s no longer supported. Any thoughts…could this be handset issue?
  5. khmadhu

    share your WAP experiences

    Hi, recently i bought new nokia 5800, and now i want to have WAP service on that by activating GPRS. i am using idea. when i contacted CC they told that if i opt for any plan the data rate will be same (128 kbps). is this true..? that i can get 128kbps (i am planning for 49 rs monthly...
  6. Anubis

    Workaround to use BSNL/MTNL 3G at the cost of Normal GPRS

    Thread Title : Workaround to use BSNL/MTNL 3G at the cost of Normal GPRS Requirments - 3G phone and 3G or 2G sim. 3G network. I would preffer os9.2 phones. Because these phones have some significant features. This trick is for os 9.1 or other higher level phones which dont reboot when we...
  7. bajaj151

    Relince GPRS on 5610 ..possible ??

    I am unable to use Reliance GSM GPRS on my Nokia 5610... I don't know..where to put the settings reliance sent to me...plz help me
  8. A

    Airtel gprs free all over india (trick works on PCs)

    This trick is for those who would like to use free airtel gprs on their Pc. Go to * to see the complete guide. This is simple and once you downloaded the required software you can enjoy free gprs in minutes. Best of luck to all and Happy New Year. :-D
  9. channabasanna

    Mobile within Rs 5k

    Hi All, I need to buy a mobile for my brother and have a budget of Rs. 5000. Suggest me a good phone, which also has GPRS. He used to have Sony Ericsson W200i, which got dead after it fell into water from some height when he was working in his site. Suggest a phone with GPRS. Thanks in Advance
  10. A

    Who wants free gprs

    A lot of people want to use free gprs are you the one.;-)
  11. A

    AirTel GPRS 30ps Balance Trick

    I found a trick of using any gprs service in india free of cost. and it works like a dream. Trust me i am using it right now. go to * to see the complete tutorial. Post your replys here about you experience. Enjoy :neutral:
  12. V

    How to get 3G Speeds from BSNL GPRS

    This new hack lets you surf the Internet at the speeds of 3G from normal BSNL Prepaid card. So why pay more when you are getting 3G speed at a very nominal cost. Here is how you can get 3G speeds, obviously you have to have a 3G enabled mobile phone. 1. Buy a normal 2G BSNL SIM card. It must...
  13. K

    Any BSNL GPRS user here from north??

    Hi, I got BSNL prepaid plan (Rs 193 recharge) activated on my phone but not able to use it on my PC. I am facing this problem since gprs settings got changed from bsnlgprs to bsnlnet (1 or 2 months ago). And please dont suggest me to call customer care, it took me 15 mins to make them understand...
  14. panacea_amc

    Aircell GPRS

    hello all, the place to which i have have been shifted recently has airtel and aircell network coverage. i want a Gprs plan to activate. Airtel is faster. but i heard that in prepaid, aircell gprs is Rs 98/month valid. with unlimited browsing. my querries are: 1. will i be able to use it in...

    Calls while surfing GPRS

    Whenever I surf net via GPRS over my lappy and data flows continously, I am unable to get calls. Caller listen " No. not reachable".This problem doesn't arise when I surf over mobile or connection reamins dormant like while chatting.. Is there any soln for this. guys plz help. Is there...
  16. A

    Bsnl gprs access point changed

    Bsnl has chaged access point for gprs services. You can get new settings by sending sms MOBILE MODEL to 58355. E.g. NOKIA 6600 Alternatively for manual setup new access point is bsnlnet Earlier it was

    24X7 Surfing via GPRS

    I use my NOKIA 3500c for surfing via GPRS, connecting by bluetooth for long hours like 4-5 hrs continously. When battery drains I plugin charger.Means I use 3 functions at a time: GPRS,Bluetooth,Charging. BTW using AIRCEL unlmtd plan with edge network.....Speed rocks.....Equivalent to a USB...
  18. Arun the Gr8

    Using GPRS in laptop using in-built SIM Card Slot

    Guys, i recently bought a Dell Inspiron 1545 and it has a SIM Card slot under the battery. Can i use it to connect to the internet using GPRS. I have an Airtel Sim Card with GPRS activated and i use it to connect to the internet using my phone..
  19. I

    How is BSNL (Postpaid Rs.199/-) GPRS Service in Pune?

    HEllo Friends, I am using Airtel GPRS in Pune which is costing me around Rs.750/- per month, so i am planning to get BSNL GPRS Rs.199/- postpaid plan. Can u tell me, how is the BSNL GPRS service in Pune? Is the download speed good and nearly around 10-20kbps when connected to Laptop? I mean...
  20. The Conqueror

    Need Unlimited GPRS Provider

    Hi Friends, Recently got Samsung "tocco" Touchwiz F480.It supports 3G but considering the costs i am thinking of getting a 2g sim instead... The problem is Right now i am on idea and it charges like 2ps/KB ..I am going to change my network provider so are there any providers offering unlimited...
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