Kerala rolls out roadmap for IPv6 deployment


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Kerala government has rolled out a roadmap to implement Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) across the state.

Kerala state IT Mission, nodal Agency for Department of IT, has floated tenders for the implementation of IPv6, to migrate the functioning of Internet, which now runs on IPv4 protocol, to IPv6. The rapid growth of the mobile market and the convergence of telecom, mobile and Internet technologies are factors which are causing concerns over the shortage of addressing space and had reinforced the need to migrate to IPv6, an official release said.

The state’s vision is to transform into digital platform by creating a scalable and secure public information infrastructure in state government and to provide universal electronic access to various governance, social sector and priority sector services for citizens and businesses within the country. The state envisages to reach the stage where in entire communication between government and the citizen is through digital media, the release said here today.

Source: IndianExpress
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