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  1. NoasArcAngel

    What do you think of this ?

    KOLKATA/NEW DELHI: The Indian government has armed itself with powers to 'switch off' or kill the internet during times of national emergencies, becoming one of the first few countries to assume such far reaching authority. Even as the US and other western nations debate the judiciousness of...
  2. V

    Indian 'Babus' locked their citizen with 'windows'

    India has recently launched "Aadhar' which aim at providing a unique number to all Indians(UID. Originally In its technology statement, Aadhaar, the massive Government of India project that seeks to enrol citizens, puts on record its commitment to using open standard and free of vendor login...
  3. yomanabhi

    Webs got stuck need !!HELP!!

    Hey Digit Guys!! I want to inform you a mistake done by our Indian government. First I want you to introduce to Freewebs (webs.com). Its is free site that's allow users to make beautiful website without knowledge of HTML & CSS. But a stupid person made website donotdial100.webs.com. I don't...
  4. M

    cheap cars

    you want to purchase your dream car in a low price.so please visit this site and a luxury car given by government auction.it also provide various services. cheap cars
  5. paroh

    India has access to BlackBerry messenger service - govt

    http://in.news.yahoo.com/137/20101001/738/tnl-india-has-access-to-blackberry-messe.html The government has manual access to Canadian Research in Motion's BlackBerry messenger services and is hopeful of getting automated access from January 1, a top official said on Friday. India, which along...
  6. G

    Price hike again!!!

    NOT AGAIN. As you all know the prices of petrol, disel, gas, CNG has been increased again. It seems to be a never ending delima. And ofcourse its affecting the prices of other commodites to go higher. For us, mostly the transport fare, computer peripherals, food are getting costlier. Though i am...
  7. D

    India too soft on terrorism

    Source :- http://infunity.info/component/content/article/15-india-too-soft-on-terrorism-and-crime.html The more I think, more I believe. Unfortunately, India is one of the popular targets for terrorists across the globe (especially Pakistanis) and as a fact it’s a soft one too. Recently in...
  8. A

    Chinese hackers access India's top secret defence files

    Major Indian missile and armament systems may have been compromised as Chinese hackers have reportedly broken into top secret files of the Indian Defence Ministry and embassies around the world. Among the systems leaked out could be Shakti, the just introduced advanced artillery combat and...
  9. paroh

    Angry Indian hacks RAAF website

    An angry Indian hacked into the website of the Royal Austrailan Air force and posted a threatening message aimed directly at the Australian government. In a message posted on the website, this hacker identifies himself as Atul Dwivedi. The message issues a warning to the Australian...
  10. A

    MTNL launches HSDPA

    MTNl the Govement Compony intrduce 3g in Mumbai thy are charging 10GB @2250 *** *** they implement FUP on it menace 10GB per month for more info see http://dolphin.mumbai.mtnl.net.in/cominfo/hsdpa_service.doc technology is moving very fast i think we get 3G when world introduce 4G, see...
  11. JohnephSi

    BSNL discount

    "20% discount on Broadband services (usage and Rental) to Government Employees (Central Government/ State Government/ PSUs) and to Visually Impaired customers of both existing / new connection." Please tell me guys how to take this disount the complete process please tell me...
  12. NucleusKore

    UK broadband "notspots"

    They are crying that there are some areas that receive UNDER 2 Mbps broadband Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8068676.stm Around three million homes in the UK have broadband speeds of less than two megabits per second (2Mbps) according to research commissioned by the BBC...
  13. iinfi

    voter's voice: TOP TWO

    i dont mean to start useless threads. just wanted to show how smart a humble farmer can be, without probably studying in any top schools in the country. 'I want to slog, earn and eat. I don't need freebies' and another fellow whom we can look to follow probably from the forthcoming...
  14. din

    Rs 6 crore van for Ajmal Kasab - the terrorist !

    [Source...] Check the source for the picture of the van ! The Rs 6 crore van for Ajmal Kasab After a bomb-proof tunnel worth Rs 2 crore, Ajmal Amir Kasab -- the lone terrorist caught alive in the November 26 attacks in Mumbai -- will get to travel around in special hi-tech secured...
  15. Dreamer

    Competition for design of the ‘Symbol for Indian Rupee’

    COMPETITION FOR DESIGN Government of India Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs New Delhi...
  16. gary4gar

    Cuba Declares War on Windows!

    In an effort to rid every computer in the country of the American-designed Windows OS, the Cuban government has banned the software and created its own Linux-based operating system. The Communist country 90 miles off the coast of Florida calls the Linux OS "Nova", and the government considers...
  17. G

    The $10/Rs. 500 Sakshaat laptop is here

    India's government unveiled the jointly-developed "$20 laptop" today. Dubbed Sakshat, which roughly translates as "before your eyes", the laptop is slated to ship in six months, with specs as follows: 2GB of storage, WiFi, Ethernet and 2 watts of power consumption. There's still no information...
  18. NucleusKore

    Economy Simplified

    Wish I read this in Class IX Economics...... FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk. PURE SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else's cows. You have to take care of all of the cows. The government gives you as...
  19. S

    Govt set to make computers available @ Rs 500

    To take knowledge to every household and help students get feed on every subject while sitting home, the government is set to make available low-cost computers at USD 10 within six months. The computer will be a small equipment with expandable memory, LAN and Wi-Fi facilities. The government...
  20. iNFiNiTE

    New law will let govt snoop on your PC

    Looks like the aftermath of 26/11 is also being reflected in the Tech world. giving the government endless power to “intercept or monitor any information through any computer resource,” So now we gonna be monitored by our very own desi Big Brother....:neutral: Source
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