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  1. vilas_patil

    Need your suggestion for a "(Hindu) Baby Girl Name!"

    Hi Friends, Here is a good news ! I have become a proud father of a "Baby Girl" . I am looking for a cute and sweet name for my sweet baby. I am searching for the same on various websites, however I would be great full if you can suggest one. Thanks, Vilas
  2. M

    9 Year Old Indian Girl Becomes the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

    9 Year Old Indian Girl Becomes the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Via: http://gizmodo.com/5116747/9-year-old-girl-becomes-the-youngest-microsoft-certified-professional
  3. V

    Disabled Girl fined for $8000 for D/L ten Music tunes!

    The Media copyrights Trolls in the USA does it again.... THE GREEDO LAWYERS for the Big Music MAFIAA have outdone themselves, falling to depths that even their harshest critics could scarcely have imagined. They've won a default judgment for alleged copyright infringement against Ciara...
  4. virus_killer

    Do you support HIV test before the marriage?

    Guys, I have been thinking to start a new thread on this topic for a while. The thread title says it all i guess. I want your opinion guys that weather The Government should introduce a new law that every man and woman has to test their blood before the marriage to make sure that either of...
  5. INS-ANI

    Are you playboy enough??

    Well, here is the scenario... You are just starting a journey in a train back to your home. And you find a very attractive girl. So lets consider the worst case scenario, she is with parents or competitive friends. The objective is to start a conversation that should last till the journey...
  6. M

    Read It to Believe It.... LOL

    1. A FOOLish man tells a woman to STOP talking, but a WISE man tells her that she looks extremely BEAUTIFUL when her LIPS are CLOSED. 2. One GOOD way to REDUCE Alcohol consumption : Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are SAD, After Marriage - Drink whenever you are HAPPY 3. Three...
  7. furious_gamer

    An Le Old game Review

    I am just going to express my thoughts about the game Street Racing Syndicate.. Yep, most of u know about the game and since i am not a race-liking gamer, no chance for me to know about it... Yes, i pick this game two months before and i cant get any time to play it coz i am busy with the...
  8. gary4gar

    Is this right to hit back a Women by man, if she hits him

    I was reading this topic, where a Girl slap a boy for no reason on a TV show. the boy slapped back and then whole crowd around decided to become a Hero and started beating poor boy. all of them just trying to make a impression infront of girl some people have a view that guys should NOT...
  9. eggman

    Fox News: 12 Year Old Girl Tells the Truth about Georgia

    12 Year Old Girl Tells the Truth on Fox News about Georgia. Fox News even had to cut them off right in the middle of the account of Georgian aggression even though they had just come from a commercial break 2 minutes prior to that. Fox News and corporate media do not want the truth out. The MSM...
  10. prasath_digit

    One day, U and ur girlfriend.........

    One of my friend asked me this, he is a hunk ( body builder,gym freak, whatever.......). I am no hunk, i am the opposite, computers are my gym. I am a total geek..........never went to gym......... Today evening, he was arguing with me that, u need to be a hunk in these days if u wanna be...
  11. Sumeet_naik

    Far Cry - The Movie

    And now even a movie on Far Cry is coming.. Starring- Til Schweiger as Jack Carver and Emmanuelle Vaugier (the NFS Carbon girl) as Val.. Its set to release on 2nd Oct.. Source - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0400426/
  12. S

    Making of Human Ear... Must see

    A cute little girl born having only one ear...went through a surgery and now having one fake ear
  13. M

    Amazing Bionic Women Video and The truth behind it - Must Watch/Read

    Video Link: http://view.break.com/524970 Source: http://tinyurl.com/4jont9 http://www.mrintech.wordpress.com @least have some replies guys :(
  14. K

    [Bandwidth Warning] Picture of the girl used in ASUS 9800 GX2 CARDS

    Hey guys' any idea where I can get the picture of the girl used in ASUS 9800 GX2 Cards.
  15. vamsi_krishna

    how many of you have feared playing F.E.A.R

    hello, First Encounter Assault and Reconnaissance, my favourate Fps game after Halflife. It was released in 2005 and i am playing it now. Any way to be frank i am pretty much feard by the shadows, the little girl, and many other things. How many of you feared playing the F.E.A.R.
  16. Gigacore

    Baby girl in India born with two faces

    A baby in India was born with two faces — two sets of eyes, two noses, two lips — and she's breathing and eating normally, her parents say. She's living in a mud-and-brick house in Noida, about 50 kilometres northeast of New Delhi, the daughter of a young factory worker and his wife, who say...
  17. S

    A story..Read it and share ur reactions..:)

    Hi all today i got this story by mail,thought i'll share it wid u guys..please read it when you have time and share ur reaction..;)..My reaction after the post.. I hope i'm not spamming...:) ;) ..ok here it goes... The Perfect Kill -Denis R. Soreng It was late in the evening when I...
  18. teejay_geekEd

    Best Phone under 20 k

    Guys.. Plz help me decide which is the best phone to buy under 20 k?... It shud have great looks n meant for entertainment purposes... N it shud be a phone a girl wud love.. (not for me..:p ) Thanks.. (i was thinkin of K850i)///....
  19. S

    A heart touching true love story

    A boy and a girl were in love. When the girl's father came to know about their love, he did not like it at all, and so began to protest about it. Now it happened that the two lovers decided to leave their homes for a happy future. The girl's father started searching for the two lovers but...
  20. ArZuNeOs

    Maa Lakshmi Ki Jai - An Indian Baby With 8 limbs

    Source : Fox News BANGALORE, India — Revered by some in her village as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess, a 2-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs underwent an extensive surgery through the night to leave her with a normal body. Several hours into the operation...
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