1. M

    browser hijacking issues

    Some search engines,creating problems for my searches. when I type anything in through chrome browser,it is automatically redirected to some other sites. I use genuine windows 10,with licensed mcafee antivirus. Had reset chrome.done complete virus scan. no use. can anyone help
  2. lywyre

    [Want to buy] Genuine Ear-pods for Apple iPhone 6s in Chennai

    I am looking to buy a genuine ear pod for iPhone 6s in Chennai (not for me). How good are Poorvika, UniverCell and Sangeeta regarding apple stuff? Will appreciate if any body could point me to a store that sells genuine apple stuff in Chennai.
  3. rohitshakti2

    How to differentiate between Genuine & Fake Memory cards

    hi friends, There are many a sites and hundreds of sellers who are selling memory cards online. I have recently purchased a 32 gb Strontium Nitro UHS1 from the following site with COD & the product is yet to be delivered to me. Strontium 32GB Nitro UHS1 70MB/S MSD Card 466X -Single Packing -...
  4. topgear

    Is this genuine ??

    Recently Purchased DDr3 4GB ram module from The box pack of the ram is totally different from what I've purchased on Feb 2015. Please have a look and tell me if it's genuine ? or else I'll return it.
  5. G

    Urgent - windows 7 related problem?

    Hello, to all of you, I have a HP Laptop which is running Windows 7 Home Premium Genuine Version, yesterday I opened a file from pendrive, I think it contains the virus after that when I restart my laptop firstly I got an error message for different applications stating "The application was...
  6. G

    Windows 7/8 keys for 10-20 $ . Are they genuine and should 1 buy them ?

    Hello , Please check the link [H] Windows 7 / 8/ 8.1 | Servers | Office | Visio | Project | Visual Studio [W] PayPal,Credit Cards,AGC,BTC,Google Wallet,Venmo,Square Cash : microsoftsoftwareswap People have been reporting they work great. But the question is, are they legal and should 1 buy...
  7. Ray

    OEM Sony MDR-XB30EX at ₹499 77% OFF?

    Black Sony MDR-XB30EX Headphones Is this a genuine product?What does OEM mean?
  8. Ricky

    Windows 8.1 genuine pack verification

    I need genuine windows 8.1 pack, I searched online and found that mostly 8.1 is available in range of 7K-8K on site like FK , SD or amazon. However in one of the local store, he is offering it for 4.2K, he is insisting its sealed windows 8.1 pro box and once opened, can't be returned...
  9. josin

    In CHINA every one is going to get free upgrades to Windows 10

    :shock: Source: Microsoft announces Windows 10 release date, free upgrade - The Times of India why China alone? Why not consider India too? we too are good in piracy....
  10. D

    Battery for S3

    My S3 battery is almost dead, it last maximum 2 hours on continuous use so I need to buy a new one. Can someone please suggest from where to buy it(online). Also, should I buy the genuine samsung battery which is 2100mAh or someother which has more battery backup?
  11. Zangetsu

    Reader's Digest Sweepstakes is Genuine or Fraud

    Hi Guys, recently one of my friend received Reader's Digest Sweep Stakes 2014 postal in his name to win 17 lacs rupees.... Is this Fraud? or Genuine contest... Terms and Conditions share your views
  12. swiftshashi

    Need good Cover/Case for GS5

    Hello Members, Just got a new Galaxy S5. I would have gone for a pouch for my mobile, but the good old days are gone it seems. I could not find a pouch to suit my GS5 1. the genuine flip cover is good, but it misses on the finish of S5 back panel. It replicates a cheap leather which looks...
  13. L

    Negative Experience Flipkart selling fake XBox 360 Controllers

    URL of product (if available still):Microsoft Wired Controller - Microsoft: Date of purchase: 3 July 2014 Complaint details: I ordered the above mentioned product from Flipkart and they sent me a fake controller instead of the genuine Microsoft one. And they aren't even replacing...
  14. tkin

    Windows 7 64bit SP1 ISO Download

    Hey guys, I have a genuine license for Windows 7, but the disc doesn't serve me very well, the problem is since SP1 has been released it takes me over 10 hours to download and install the updates after a fresh install(BSNL), if I can get atleast SP1 that would serve me very well. The problem...
  15. A

    Seller Query Indiatimes Shopping

    If anybody out there could let me know about Indiatimes Shopping. Prices are low but have no idea how genuine they are.
  16. sahil1033

    Data entry job from home !!

    Hi, I'm pursuing B.Tech. from an engineering college in Dehradun and I will to do some part time job from home. Since I've no work experience yet, all I can do is data entry (typing) job. I've no idea how to search for such jobs and I feel insecure if they're genuine or not. Please help me...
  17. shankar_psn

    game renting

    saw these 2 sites ... * Online Shopping India Buy Movies Online : are the genuine ? if genuine , any idea of how good their service is ? any other sites like this ?
  18. Chetan1991

    General Query Are Teleshopping products genuine?

    Hey everyone. Many products sold on the cheezy teleshopping commercials seem very versatile, with unique features. Many seem to be unique and I haven't found any product like them in the (offline) market. So my questions are: Are these products genuine? Are the prices they charge...
  19. B

    online link for download genuine windows XP Professional from windows site.

    I have genuine windows XP professional in my laptop, but the hard copy (CD) is lost but the key is still available on my laptop. How & from where I can download the genuine version. Please help ! because it is formatted now..
  20. chandan3

    Earm money from net

    How to earn money from net,in google there r such a lot of site bt 90% r fake.anybody can tell me a genuine one,they giv gud job n money, part time or full time.ple help me guys
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