wanna buy a good computer for gaming in in Rs 40,000(Mumbai,India)


Broken In
This budget is only for the hardware (including moniter). Pls suggest shops to buy it frm on Lamington road and also pls give the config i should go for...

Thank You.

Jaskanwar Singh

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AMD Athlon II x4 635 @ 5k
Biostar TA785G3 HD @ 4.2k
2GB DDR3 1333MHz * 2 @ 5.1k
Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768MB @ 12k
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB @ 2k
Corsair VX550W @ 4.5k
NZXT Gamma @ 2k
BenQ 22" G2220 FULL HD LCD Monitor @ 7.5k

Total - 42.3k


Right off the assembly line
my spec
bought 3 months ago from modera electronics lamington

i5-sandy bridge processor
asus p8h61m+2 MB (unique feature-it has GUI BIOS)
ati HD6770 1gb GRAPHICS card
viewsonic 22"led monitor 2250mh
logitech wireless keyboard mouse
logitech 3MP HD webcam
zebronics bijli cabinet
2gb corsair RAM
500gb seagate hdd
internal card reader
VIP 500W smps
lg dvd writter

all for 38k with bill specifying each products seriall num and vat applied
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