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during the 1st week of jan, my moserbaer dvd drive got malfunctioned, I bought a new LG dvd drive.. GH24NS70..I installed it on my pc 2 weeks later, during which I updated my motherboard BIOS (awardBIOS) frm ver F8b (march 2008) to F10d (feb 2009). It used 2 read cd's and dvd's fine, I could even copy content 2 HDD frm Digit dvd's, but for Writing work on the dvd's always different errors used 2 cme. so I replaced the LG drive frm the service centre, but same problems used 2 occur, this happened 4 times. then I replaced my LG drive frm where I purchased, they gave me LG - GH24NS71. now the system doesnt even boots when I connect the dvd drive (SATA cable) but only when the WD HDD is connected. I even changed the SATA connection combinations on the motherboard of HDD and dvd, still no ans.. I replaced the SATA cables, put new in place of the old, still no ans..smetyms even HDD doesnt boots.. a msg comes at da 2nd startup screen "DISK BOOT FAILURE, PRESS SYSTEM DISK AND ENTER" and some tak-tak sound comes frm HDD. smetyms a blue screen appears..please advice me whats the problem, and where.. PC config..
motherboard.. Gigabyte GA G31M-S2L
BIOS ID: 02/04/2009-G31-ICH7-6A79OG0VC-00-None
1GB x 2 DDR2 ram
500GB Western Digital HDD
Processor..Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz
Chipset... Intel G31 + ICH7 express.
last month my whole system turned 3 years old.
prior to these problems..; last year november, my old moserbaer UPS got malfunctioned. in any electricity failure in my area, directly my system used to shut down abruptly.. not even 1sec backup, this hapened 10-15 times, den I got Intech UPS by dec its fine, but has the power failures affected my motherboard? are all the above probs coz of updating the BIOS? if yes, den can I rollback to previous BIOS ver? how? Thanks in advance..
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Clear the CMOS memory by keeping the mobo battery out of its socket for a few mins, then get into the BIOS and see if the new drive shows up. Then in the boot device preferences menu try these combinations in this order, each time saving changes in BIOS and then proceeding to boot:

1. First preference boot device - Optical drive
Second - HDD

2. Reverse 1.

3. HDD only.
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