1. A

    Need better method to copy over HUGE amounts of data

    Hi, A friend of mine contacted me with a need of his that he is struggling with currently. I will paste his email ( personal details omitted for privacy) : We need to copy 4 TB data from from 4 TB external Hard disk to make identical copy on 4 TB external hard disk. Currently we are doing...
  2. R

    Amazon Fresh

    Here comes, Amazon's new initiative for the same-day delivery of Groceries and other stuffs. Amazon's Drones Are Useless. But Its Trucks Could Crush UPS | Wired Business |
  3. TheMost

    Wierd Resolution Problem

    I was studying and suddenly my brother called me saying that windows got uglier and something was wrong .. When i checked out i saw these it looked like the pictures below. I tried changing the resolution but the pulldown icon is shaded in grey (not openable) Also it said with...
  4. R

    Problem (pc randomly rebooting)

    sir. For past -2 years my seondarypc was working fine .but now its random rebooting so did the following Removed all unwanted connectors and tried booting. still rebooted in few minutes 2 removed. RAM modules -no 3 veal sound 3 cleaned the pc. with blower and removed dusts and applied...
  5. Nanducob

    What are some free softwars for a new pc

    What are some softwares for a new build pc I am buying a pc through assembling what are some important free cool softwares (like java,direct x)that i have to install to a fresh pc.thanks in advance.
  6. N

    Crysis 2 or AC: Brohood?

    First, I really like MP. What would be the wise choice among these two? A better game, which is? Bugs, current MP state and replay value. I hear Crysis 2's a CoD-clone and Brohood has some fresh MP. Which is more awesome and worth 889 bux? But Crysis 2 will have free MP maps when the editor's...
  7. A

    internet problem

    i stay in my college hostel and we need to run internet through 'automatically detect settings' but i m not able to do it now...........this problem started a few days ago i formatted my windows xp and installed its fresh copy then also i m not able to connect to internet............ i even...
  8. Anorion

    [By Demand] January 2010

    All previous demands are met. Mostly. Ask for fresh ones now.
  9. NewsBytes

    Windows 7 still needs anti-virus, susceptible to 8 out of 10 viruses

    During the launch of the new Windows 7, Microsoft had a lot to say about the safety features it offered, and especially protection from viruses and malware. While it was always meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, the guys at security firm Sophos decided to put the operating system to the...
  10. jatt

    Wep 800 DX problem

    dear frnds, i want to configure my wep 800 Dx printer on p4 pc.but its not properlly configured on this pc but its working on another pc.i tried it with usb port also and i have all the drivers for this strang problem is i can not able to delete printer which already tried on this pc...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    Windows 7 - My Review...

    When i first went through many articles on windows 7 , i thought that , there wont be much to enjoy in , just another new code and fresh developer team and nothing more.but everything changed after i installed the Windows 7 RC.The installation however didn't go well on my Dell M1530, got a...
  12. nix

    XP fresh install and BSNL broadband.. should i backup?

    i am going to do a fresh re-install of XP pro and i need you help. i made this blunder of inserting my friends pen drive into my system and the problems just wont go. now, do i need to backup some sort of network settings (BSNL net settings)??. should i keep the modem connected to the PC while...
  13. TheHumanBot

    Need Help Ghosting XP SP3

    Hey, I Have a so many queries on this subject. First thing is Installing Fresh Copy of XP is very painful. after that update it again and Installing other softwares. and if the softwares are genuine so you have to surrender licenses and reactivating it again. (like i have XP, Adobe, Kasper...
  14. ironfreak

    iphone 3G queris.... please help

    1) is it possible to unlock 3G model ? 2) can we jailbreak 3G model ? 3) is 3G available in grey market across India ? for how much ? 4) if not, then 2G fresh piece available ? what price ?
  15. RCuber

    [Query]Kaspersky 2009 Licence

    I have KIS 7.0 Installed on my laptop. I had paid abt Rs. 612 (incl all taxes). I was wondering if I can do a direct upgrade using old key to 2009 version. Also whats the cost of a fresh copy of KIS 2009 ? my vendor has only 7.0 and cant get 2009 right now. can I use a fresh 7.0 unactivated key...
  16. codename_romeo

    Nero Help needed

    In nero we get an option of " backing up hard drive ". The thing is that i want to know if i back up my primary partition just after a fresh installation of WinXP , can i use the same dvd to recover my primary partition to th e state of fresh installation ??? like we do in HP recovery n all...
  17. F

    utorrent-download files at one time

    I wanted to download a series consisting of 24 files. I'm using utorrent. To see a sample I downloaded two files completely, skipping the rest. Now I want to download few other select files. So how can I include the files which i had skipped without a fresh start i.e I dont want to stop seeding...
  18. V

    how to create a bootable cd...

    when i insert my windows 2000 cd, 4 installation it shows at startup "please press any key to boot from cd..." so here no medium of floppy is needed for a booting like that. but 4 win XP they have given some instructions to boot from cd using floppy for fresh installing, i can't take that lot...
  19. L

    sony vaio shutdown issue

    Hi, I have a sony vaio, in which i cleared all the default installed mess with all the backup taking hell lot of space and installed a fresh copy of windows followed by all sony vaio drivers. the problem is that every time system shuts down or goes to standby or whatever mode... it just stays...
  20. Kiran.dks

    UPDATE: Fresh Download V7.70 released <Free Download Manager>

    Fresh Download Free download manager Manufacturers Description: Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite mp3 files, software, picture collections, video, etc. Unlike other similar...
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