Wierd Resolution Problem


Simply.. Evolution !!
I was studying and suddenly my brother called me saying that windows got uglier and something was wrong ..
When i checked out i saw these it looked like the pictures below.


I tried changing the resolution but the pulldown icon is shaded in grey (not openable)
Also it said with an exclamatory mark just below the resolution that "your resolution is 640 - many items may be missing"

I thought of malware and did a fresh install and still the problem exists.

But this screen alone is normal
I am so worried.I would be so much thankful if someone could tell me why this is happening and a possible solution.

Thank You ..:|


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looks like graphics driver is missing.right click on my computer--properties & select device manager.expand & see that display adapter entry has no exclamation mark & sub-entry clearly mentions graphics adapter name(intel,nvidia,ati radeon etc).


Simply.. Evolution !!
It was a problem with the GPU ..
removed it .. now all right ...

My GPU : GeForce GTX 260

Thank You people for your help ! :lol:
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