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  1. Kiran.dks

    UPDATE: Fresh Download V7.70 released <Free Download Manager>

    Fresh Download Free download manager Manufacturers Description: Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite mp3 files, software, picture collections, video, etc. Unlike other similar...
  2. s18000rpm

    Fresh View -organize & view multimedia files

    Source: FreshDevices.com Download Link: Fresh View 6.90 enter your name & e-mail to get free Activation Code.
  3. J

    how to restore windows on new hdd

    hi there, got a new 80gb hdd....now how to restore windows xp already installed on my old 40gb hdd, without doing fresh installation on the new disk??? thax
  4. nach p

    NTLDR is missing

    Hello guys, I want to know what is the NTLDR. Yesterday suddenly my friends PC get hanged &when restarted "NTLDR is missing " was shown.Then inserted Xp bootable cd and tried to repair but fails to do.After doing fresh installation all things were ok.But I want to know what is the meaning...
  5. B

    Unable to install opera

    hi there, when i tried to install new opera from digit, it shows the error about dll file, and says invalid address, so i tried downloading fresh copy from opera website same error continues, i've also tried with old versions of opera, i'm unable to install it :( please help
  6. hcp006sl

    DAP sucks - A story from DAP lover

    Hello everybody, Before telling the story let me introduce myself. I am the person who is using DAP as the DM from the very first day I started net surfing – DAP is my first and only DM I have used. After that when DAP 7 released, writing 50 software reviews I got a free license of DAP...
  7. K

    Norton Ghost with Windows XP Fresh Install

    I work for my company from home during holidays. I have been given special permission to use some of the company's propriety software in my home system along with remote logging. Also I have been given permission to use certain software which can be activated once in six months. Our company...
  8. F

    System Automaticall Restarts-Please help

    Please help me. I'm using Windows XP. Even after installing a fresh copy of XP after formating, I frequently get error like LSA export version crashed. The system will shutdown in 1 min. And then the timer starts. I dont understand why it should come even after installing a fresh copy of...
  9. L

    backing up bookmarks??

    hi, i use netscape browser version 7.1... when i feel some prbelms with windows and try 2 format it... (i do it almost once a month) the bookmarks are all los coz of formating and installing fresh copy. is there any way of backing them up and then feeding them back ??? if so pls explain...
  10. iinfi

    dual booting probs !!! HELP !!!

    i had windows 2000 server and XP as dual boot.... then i installed another copy of XP to test some s/w which i know wud create some problem or the other ..... (so i didnt install it in the orginal XP which i was using) then as expected it did create trouble ... so i formatted the...
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