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  1. Pearl Groupz

    Yourname.tk Domain name Free for Ervery one...

    Free But With limitations :mad: Link : http://www.dot.tk/en/pageA00.html Free Plan : URL Forwarding : Yes Email Forwarding : Yes Create TiKilink: yes Traffic Management :yes Legal ownership of your domain : No Dot TK DNS Service: No Your own DNS: No Hits counter: No Banner Marketing : No...
  2. aytus

    should I use PORT FORWARDING????

    hI!! all i am using H500 plan on BSNL and ive heard too mch about port forwarding .. so i gave it a try..and went ahead and configured it. but the thing is that there is no change in speeds wheather i use port forwarding or not. in both cases i get the same speed.. around 110KBps download...
  3. S

    Query:Yahoo mail forwarding

    I have activated Mail forwarding in Yahoo mail. But the mail is not getting stored in Yahoo. What should I do to keep a copy of the mail in my Yahoo server? Help
  4. evewin89

    port forwarding?

    i want 2 know watz da use of "PORT FORWARDING" in uTORRENT.:confused:
  5. arunks

    Can i get cheap domain name with mail forwarding, managed dns control, who is privacy

    whERE Can i get cheap domain name with mail forwarding, managed dns control, who is privacy AND domain forwarding facilities.. I want the cheapest domain name ... It may be .in or .info or .com or .net
  6. vish786

    port forwarding in linux

    how do i do port forwarding since in Linux OS usually all ports r blocked like prakash said. so how do i open all the ports in d distro, and get my azureus work with my port number bein forwarded. my external ip/wan ip keeps changing. and i'm using pppoe, like i keep the modem on and in 2...
  7. napster007

    port forwarding

    hey guys, i wanted to know how to do port forwarding on my mtnl router. because for some reason i'm not getting enough speed on a torrent download.(~10kBps) for a 256k connection its pretty low. anyway does anyone know how to do it? the firmware version is R100B02.7AS.D
  8. T

    I need help

    I recently got Half Life 2 (paid the price and got the orginal) after sheding all my pocket money, each time I start HL2, steam starts and (I registered already and got my user ID and password) I click on log in to an existing account. The it says it cant connect to steam network!!!:mad:. I...
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Free Domain Service...hurry

    xRelay.net : Free Blogs, Domain Names, URL Redirection, E-Mail Forwarding found this on net... use it if u want a free domain forwarding service.. http://www.xrelay.net FEatures.... *Unlimited blogs *Web and Mail Redirection *A single login for all your Web and E-Mail...
  10. M

    problem with port forwarding..

    hi chaps.. i am using dataone connection with modem model :HUAWEI Quidway WA1003A.. i have problem with port forwarding.. can any one help me on this.. actually i tried to set an ftp server but i got this problem.. and can any one suggest a good tutorial on how to set up an ftp server...
  11. Arsenal_Gunners

    Port forwarding bsnl router

    Could anybody help me in setting up port forwarding in my BSNL router.The router is labeled UT300r2u.I searched for the manual of this router and found this picture :shock: but this is not my model.Mine looks like this (found it at alphanetworks.com) here is a screenshot of my router...
  12. kerthivasan

    Free Web Site Forewarding

  13. S

    Configuring beetel 220bx adsl2modem for port forwarding

    Hi Guys, Off late, I wanted use port forwarding for port 2002 in beetel 220bx airtel modem. Whenever use (which is the LAN ip) it does go through. But whenever I have used my Public IP with the port i.e x.x.x.x:2002 it does not work. I have tried configuring port...
  14. go4saket

    Doubts with Web Hosting???

    Hi Guys! I have a few doubts with regard to web hosting. I hope you guya can help me out of this... 1. What are DNS and what is the function of it. 2. If I register a domain with some company, they provide the DNS. Now, if I want to host my website with some other company, they ask to...
  15. S

    Free Domain Forwarding or Hosting

    Guys, Please suggest me a free domain forwarding or hosting provider.
  16. N

    bsnl data one broadband and torrent

    hi, i have winxp sp2, norton antivirus 2005, torrents downloading is too slow, can anyone help me with that port forwarding and stuff? thanks.
  17. teknoPhobia

    Port forwarding in Airtel GPRS

    simple question, how do I avail port forwarding on an airtel GPRS connect, does anyone have any ideas? the why is not important here, only the how :D
  18. S

    web hosting

    hi im a freelance web-multimedia designer. pl guide me a indian webhosting provider with low/moderate prices and offering addons like url forwarding, subdomain etc at a low price and good service.
  19. yrana2002

    Faster torrent speeds(Router-Client Config.)

    I dont know about other BT applications, but since i've been using bitcomet only, here's my guide: IF you do the following you should end up with around the best possible speeds: 1) Configure Port Forwarding BitComet requires you to be able to receive incoming connections. If you're behind...
  20. godsownman

    dot.tk email forwarding problem

    Hello, Does anybody over here use the w*w.dot.tk email forwarding service. I have tried to setup the auto email forwarding but it just does not work. Please do help
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