problem with port forwarding..

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hi chaps.. i am using dataone connection with modem model :HUAWEI Quidway WA1003A.. i have problem with port forwarding.. can any one help me on this.. actually i tried to set an ftp server but i got this problem.. and can any one suggest a good tutorial on how to set up an ftp server..
thanx in advance..


If u r using the port for downloading something which is huge then i m afraid u'll have to continuously change the port as BSNL blocks the port from which they see is used for continuous downloads.


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I have a mtnl connection and i tried the simple pot forwarding technique suggested on
The thing is every night wheni switch on the dl after rebooting the modem ( 590_NU plan ) and check if port is open it says its not. I go to admin page see if all is right and click apply ( not save and reboot ) and after 2 minutes utor suddenly picks up speed and seed and port is open again. This is very funny ? any explanation ?


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Re: problem with port 80

Dear All,
We r using beetel router with DSL connection , we have 25 users connected to a single LAN. recently the router was replaced for DMZ options and soon. now the problem i have is port 80 gets blocked frequently, we are not able to browse. but the LINK remains ON, we need to switch OFF and ON the ROUTER then it starts working.

Airtel Engineer tells us THERE IS VIRUS IN THE LAN. I have cleaned up all the PC's and removed some virus also. then too we have to repeate the same STEPS OFF and ON the Router.

Airtel Enginner uses NETSPY software and tells all the broadcast done from the PC's is VIRUS... i dont know what to do.... Please help me

Can any one of you help me is solving this issue please...

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