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found this on net...

use it if u want a free domain forwarding service..


*Unlimited blogs
*Web and Mail Redirection
*A single login for all your Web and E-Mail redirections
*Real time configuration of account parameters
*Title & keywords of your redirected page fully editable
*Full access to all pages & directory from your URL redirection
*favicon supported
*Redirections directory



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It looks to be URL redirection service like, not a service that provides free domains.

While .tk ( is another option but of late a nag page loads for a second once you enter your domain name, but thats the price you have to pay for using free services.

With the prices of domains touching rock bottom prices specially .info and .org which cost damn cheap about a hundred and fifty for a year, I prefer using real domain names.
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^^ yes its true./.. but using .tk nowadays is the worst thing u can do..they flood with ads on all sides..horrible ...
still many cant afford to pay..
thats why,,, the chosse something like this..


i think u guys need

the best service that i have ever found .u can create add-free domains like , etc
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