should I use PORT FORWARDING????

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hI!! all
i am using H500 plan on BSNL and ive heard too mch about port forwarding .. so i gave it a try..and went ahead and configured it. but the thing is that there is no change in speeds wheather i use port forwarding or not.

in both cases i get the same speed.. around 110KBps download and 20KBps upload :D.. i am pretty satisfied with the speeds but the question is should i use port forwarding or not.. i only have a single computer and dont have any other network to fuss with..

so do u suggest i should use port forwarding or not// i dont see any potential advantages in using it.. if anybody else knows any advantage of using it.. tell me .

I am talking about the speeds of Utorrent BTW

and one more thing i want to know.. what does the option of (enable Upnp port mapping ) means in utorrent??
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well if u are satisfied then who is complaining :D

btw, they are decent speeds as per ur plans so be happy... :)

on my 256 connection i get speeds of 210 kbps and d/load of 110 kbps.. :)
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