1. TechnoBOY

    Need help in port forwarding.

    I'm trying to setup port forwarding in my router (TD-W8951ND). Have opened port 3000 from router but when checking it via Open Port Check Tool - Port Forwarding Port Check Tool gives me this error (Problem! I could not see your service on on port (3000). Reason: Connection...
  2. B

    Port Forwarding on WiMax (DreamTel Punjab)

    Hello Friends, I need to "Port Forward" on WiMax (DreamTel,Punjab). As they are using WiMAx technology, they wont provide modem just a LAN cable from rooftop device to your PC/WiFi router. It is not possible to access ISP`s WiMax router as it is password protected but i need router access for...
  3. S

    Port Forwarding!!!!!!

    Hi there, I want to port forward any arbitrary port in my router?? Pls anyone can explain me the complete steps. I have a BSNL WiMax connection with Gemtek WIXB-ODU 250B router model... Help Needed ASAP.
  4. D

    Any Idea about NAT & Port forwarding ???

    Guys I have installed "hamachi" a virtual lan server in my laptop. I want a seamless network connection for playing a steady game..For that It seems like NAT & Port forwarding helps me resolve it..But I don't know how to proceed with it please help.
  5. emailvarunchandak

    HTTP server connection with internal+external IPs

    alright...!! here is the problem..!!! my ip (lets say A) my router ip (lets say R; DLink DIR-600L) my public ip 27.34.241.X (lets say B) your IP X.X.X.X (lets say C) i have an HTTP server running on A port 80, i want C to access my http server by typing B:80 in the...
  6. G

    Shocked : While Testing "", Requested Member Remarks

    First With Broadband Connection, I Configured my Id : and tested in Office, Found IP Address : After 4 hours, using 3gb Modem tried to access, got connected to a different user how is enable Port Forwarding and "May" a user of no-ip, with my new ip...
  7. S

    Making external Ip adress open for public

    Hi there, I am trying to make my external ip accessible for public users in internet. I have a router. I have tried port forwarding. but failed. So, pls help me???? Need it urgently frnds...
  8. C

    Problem with port forwarding

    I wanted to do port forwarding on my router but it isn't working. I've set up a static ip first, by putting all the details like IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway in TCP/IPv4 properties, in Local Area Connection properties. Then I opened my router's GUI to configure the port forwarding...
  9. D

    Port Forwarding.

    How to configure port forwarding in prolink h5301g router?
  10. nilanko

    [SOLVED] Port forwarding for uTorrent

    I have heard that one needs to enable port forwarding for using torrent clients. Below is the screenshot of my router's port forwarding page. Can you help me setting up the settings for uTorrent especially?
  11. official

    Port forwarding help

    I am using GLB 802c modem for my BSNL home unlimited plan. I use cometbird for my torrents.. after getting this modem i do not get enough speed as it was before. So i tried port forwarding but the cometbird still shows that the port is blocked and almost for every torrent. I am tired of this BS...
  12. B

    Static IP and port forwarding with as your BSNL ISP

    Hi! Does anyone here know how to configure a static IP for a BSNL connection and use it for port forwarding? If someone knows then please post or provide links. Thank you.. PS: I am currently experimenting on it and might get results soon.
  13. S

    DC++ not working

    Hello All, I have just purchased Dlink DIR 600 wireless router and has configured the same. I use local cable new. Though net working fine but now DC++ not working. I have heard about Port forwarding and has also tried the same, but issue not solved. Please help me configuring...
  14. iinfi

    edit dns Important changes

    i got this mail from edit dns wonder if this is already posted ... is there a similar free service available??
  15. M

    how to perform port forwarding

    I am using BSNL 2MBPS connection(dynamic ip). how to perform port forwarding when i'm using torrents. please explain step by step.
  16. JohnephSi

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of Port Forwarding ?

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of Port Forwarding ? How does it help in increasing the download speed......plz elaborate about this
  17. lahratla

    Port Forwarding on Nokia Siemens C2110

    I am using BSNL DataOne 500C (pppoe) with Nokia Siemens C2110. Is port forwarding possible? If so, how do I enable port forwarding for uTorrent? I've searched around for a solution on several sites, but nothing seemed to work. Please help.
  18. shift

    Java for phone

    hi, i need a java video player (3gp or mp4) free or paid that support fast forwarding........cos my phone dnt support fast forwarding of video anyone knws, please tell me the name of the applet thanks
  19. pr.itdude

    confusion in port forwarding......

    after searching a lot and not getting the required answer i am asking u ppl for help......... Iam actually looking 4 port forwarding so that increase my download speed in utorrent..!!:p I am using MTNL (delhi) and my router is UTStarcom UT-300R2U. And i am not getting the settings right for...
  20. *GandaBerunda*

    BSNL modem 'forgets' port forwarding after it is restarted

    I'm having a ut-300r2u BSNL modem. ( 2.5 years old) After referring to ,i set up port forwarding for utorrent. When i set up port forwarding , the network status icon in utorrent turns green. But however , when i restart my modem , it seems to lose its settings and the network...
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